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Top Ten Reasons Why ICan Education Is The Best Teacher Tutoring Service in Toronto

Are you looking for the best teacher tutoring service in Toronto? With dozens of teacher tutoring services located in Toronto, it’s hard to choose the best tutoring service for your child. After all, each child learns differently and it’s quite a challenge to find a suitable teacher tutoring service in Toronto that will accommodate your …


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Four Easy Ways Students Can Learn How to Use BEDMAS

You’re probably wondering what is Bedmas? Well, it’s a neat acronym that represents the Order of Operations in Algebra and it’s used to solve long math problems. Usually, Bedmas gets introduced in grade 6 and students continue to use bedmas in math all through high school. For students, it’s very important to understand how Bedmas …


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10 Easy Tips On How To Improve Your French

Are you looking for easy ways to on how to get better at French? We all know having excellent skills in French can help advance your career opportunities and broaden your horizons. But when it comes to improving your skills in French, you probably have some ideas on what to do, but getting started is …


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10 Effective Homework Tips to Help Your Child Succeed in School

At every grade, your kids are going to get assigned homework. With busy work schedules, balancing work and family life can be quite challenging. When it comes to helping your kids improve their homework skills, you probably have some ideas on what to do, but need a little direction on how to get started. Homework …


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The Kids Can Discover The Science Behind Static By Doing This STEM Activity!

In celebrating of Canada’s greatest achievements at the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea, here’s the forth and final installment of our 4-part series of “STEM Activities the Kids Can Do in the Wintertime.” With this fourth winter activity, it’ll explore what causes static to occur. The kids will stay busy indoors with this …


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Get The Kids To Discover Melting Magic By Doing This STEM Activity!

Winter is still going strong and we hope you’re staying warm! In celebration of the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea, here’s the third installment of our 4-part series of “STEM Activities the Kids Can Do in the Wintertime.” With our winter activity suggestions, you can keep the kids busy indoors with our cool STEM …


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Get The Kids To Discover a New Way of Drinking Hot Chocolate By Doing This STEM Activity!

On February 2, 2018 the infamous Ground Hog came out of the dark and saw his own shadow! That means we still have 6 more weeks of winter! If you’re running out of fun activities to keep the kids busy indoors,  look no further as we have some cool STEM activities that the kids can …


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Get The Kids To Do This Cool Winter Indoors STEM Activity!

Wintertime is here and are you thinking: what other activities the kids can do besides ice skating and building snow men? Look no further as there’s a ton of STEM winter activities perfect for the kids. This week, we are featuring this fun STEM activity – Making a Wheel Of The Year! This STEM activity …


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Get a Better Report Card In The New Year With These Five Easy Tips!

Did you flunk your last report card? If so, you need to change things up. The New Year is coming and what no better time, then to set a new year’s resolution to get better grades. Everyone gets bad grades from time to time, but do not make this into a habit! Studying might be …


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Top Four Benefits Of Summer Tutoring For Your Kids

Summer has officially arrived, and it’s time for the kids to have fun and enjoy the sun! But did you know, research studies show that a lot of students forget 75% of what they have learned in the previous school year! It’s called summer learning loss, the more popular term, is called summer slide. It’s …