Grade 8 Tutoring

Grade 8 is an exciting year for students because this is the year they are going to graduate. Let one of our ICan Education tutors help your kids graduate with honours!


Grade 8 is the last year of elementary school and the iAchieve Program is here to prepare your child for high school.
Our ICan Education tutors help your child fine tune their learning skills in English, Math, French, and Science based on the Ontario Curriculum.

In Grade 8, students are excited to graduate elementary school and move on up to high school. But it doesn’t change the fact, that Grade 8 English, Math, Science, and French can be difficult. At ICan Education, our tutors are here to help your child succeed and graduate.


  • Engage in active listening skills with other speakers
  • Use a range of straightforward and more complex purposes for speaking in different situations
  • Express their own point-of-views explaining irony and satire in oral texts
  • Draft, revise, proofread, and publish their own writing on school experiences and a report on a current event
  • Use appropriate vocabulary and phrases with pronouns, and present, past, and future verb tenses


  • Cell formation
  • Fluids
  • Exploring water systems
  • Understanding systems in action


  • Ordering rational numbers
  • Representing numbers with exponential notation
  • Multiplying and dividing fractions and integers
  • Converting cubic centimetres with cubic metres
  • Constructing circles
  • Solving linear sequences, using algebraic expressions
  • Displaying data in histograms and scatter plots

iLearn French

Let Grade 8 be the year when your child becomes a bi-lingual superstar with ICan Education’s iLearn French Tutoring Program!


  • Express thoughts and ideas coherently on a variety of topics using the correct intonation
  • Read and understand a wide selection of fiction and non-fiction articles
  • Plan and present an oral presentation on a specific topic
  • Rewrite, revise, and proofread their own writing based on a different story
  • Write and speak fluently using the correct French language structures such as nouns, verbs, conjunctions, and prepositions


  • Listen to and express ideas and opinions using different vocabulary in open-ended situations
  • Read and understand 400 – 600 word articles and stories
  • Give oral presentations of more than twenty sentences
  • Read fifteen texts from newspapers and magazines and identify main ideas
  • Write and revise final drafts with emphasis on grammar, spelling, and punctuation


  • Express and listen to others viewpoints on discussions
  • Ask and reply to open ended questions
  • Summarise and compare the main ideas and supporting details in different media works
  • Rewrite and revise a story turning narratives into dialogues
  • Speak and write in object pronouns, partitive article with negation, and verbs

iAM Detemined

Students in Grade 8 with ADD, ADHD, and ASD can benefit from the iAm Determined (IEP) Tutoring Program because they learn at their own pace.

At ICan Education, our certified tutors take your child’s special needs into consideration and motivate them to realise their full potential by creating their own personalised iAm Determined (IEP) Program.


  • Completing one task at a time
  • Concentration
  • Turn taking when asking and answering questions
  • Attention to details


Grade 8 students preparing for the International Baccalaureate (IB) program, thrive in the iGo Beyond Program!


If you are planning to take the IB Entrance exam, you need to understand the fundamentals of the IB program. Our ICan Education tutors are experienced in preparing future IB Program students in the following areas:

  • Understand the expectations for the IB Entrance Exam
  • Help understand Internal Assessments
  • Practice questions to maximise mathematical abilities


Once you have been accepted into the IB Program, our certified ICan Education tutors help you in:

  • Practice mock tests in the IB Program
  • Comprehend Internal Assessments
  • Understand IB theories in detail


Is it difficult to get your child to do their homework? At ICan Education, one certified tutors turn tedious Grade 8 homework into fun learning activities!


  • Concentrating on tasks
  • Following instructions
  • Scanning information for answers
  • Using reference materials


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