Tips to Finding a Great Tutor for your Child

Whether your child is falling behind in grammar class, or finds that he’s struggling with mathematics, there’s no shame in finding a tutor to give your child some help. Great tutors are capable of providing different levels of help and caring, so you’ll want to know what your tutor’s skills, experiences, and personality are before putting anything on paper.

1. Identify your Goals

Ask yourself and your child’s teacher what areas your child needs help with. Ask about the ideal level of assistance needed, whether it’s basic help with homework, intensive review, or a mix of both. Be sure to take note of the subjects your child can improve in, whether reading, math, science or what have you.

If you don’t know it yet, ask about your child’s learning style—whether he learns best with interactive lessons that involve a hands-on experience, reading, listening, etc.

You should also consider how much you’re willing to spend on tutoring. You don’t want to skimp, but you should also be upfront with your spending abilities.

2. Explore your Options

Most schools keep a registry of tutors in the immediate area—you can ask your child’s student guidance counselor for help. You can also check the local paper, where several great tutors post ads offering their services.

You can also look for local learning centers like ICan Education—we cater to the Greater Toronto Area, offering a wide range of tutoring programs ranging from English, French, Math, to Science for all student levels.

3. Set your Budget

Money will unfortunately be a deciding factor in your choice of tutor, but don’t be fooled into thinking that the best tutors are the most expensive. Your decision should revolve around getting value for money, so you want a tutor to offer a great set of services for as little as reasonably possible.

There’s also the issue of payment policies. Ask your tutor or the tutoring center whether they accept cash or credit, and require payment for each session or for every month.

Finding a great tutor can be a daunting process, but it ultimately pays off in the end. Remember, you don’t want to be careless with your child’s growth and development, so take your time and get the best tutor you can afford.

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