3 Pointers to Learn English Faster

3 Pointers to Learn English Faster

Adult English learners most often try to learn English to make daily living in Canada easier. The challenge is finding the right approach to speaking English as quickly and easily as possible. Below are some pointers on how to do just that.

Use English Daily

3 Pointers to Learn English FasterWhether it’s jotting quotes or speaking a few sentences every day, any opportunity to use the English language, preferably with someone else, is the fastest way to improve your skills and learn pronunciation and vocabulary.

Don’t hesitate to speak English, even if you’re not confident about your pronunciation and diction. It’ll take a while for you to reach that comfort level, so your immediate priority is to push yourself out of your comfort zone and speak English NOW.

You should be able to find a native English speaker, or better yet, an ESL tutor who can spend 30 minutes to 1 hour speaking English with you. If you’re adjusting to an English-speaking country, practice your English with small conversations, such as saying “hello,” and then asking for directions, help finding the price of something, or simply talking about the weather.

Practice Pronouncing Words

Even if you have a decent command of English, with a decent vocabulary and good grammar, you may still struggle speaking to native English speakers because of the way you pronounce, or mispronounce, words.

Clear and proper pronunciation is critical to successfully mastering the English. Listen and observe the way native English speakers pronounce certain words and try your best to imitate them. The best way of doing this is by listening to English speakers talking to each other, or videos giving lectures about topics you find interesting.

Broaden your Vocabulary

The more words and phrases you have in your vocabulary, the easier it will be to master speaking English. Again, it’ll be easier to pick up new words and idioms, by interacting as much as you can with native English speakers. Although this isn’t to say that you can’t get similar benefits when watching TV, reading, or listening to the news.

However, the fastest way for English learners to pick up the language is to work with an ESL tutor, who can provide a systematic and thorough approach to learning English.

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