3 Signs it’s Time to Get a Tutor for your Child

3 Signs it’s Time to Get a Tutor for your Child
When children see an increase in study loads and busier schedules with the family, tutoring can be a great help as far as helping your child to stay on track in school. One-on-one tutoring helps the child benefit from extra help, even if he/she isn’t struggling to keep up.
However, if you see your child going through these motions, it may be a good idea to seek the help of a tutor to stave of failing grades.

1.       Falling Grades

If you see a decline in your child’s test scores, it’s important to talk with his teacher to air your concerns and find the cause of the problem. The teacher can point out which areas in class your child is struggling with, making it easier to know what a tutor should work on with your child.
If your child is excelling in math, but having problems with reading, the time may come when he struggles with a story-based math problem. A teacher can also tell you if your child’s attention and focus needs work, which can mean a lack of mastery of a topic.

2.       Poor Time Management

If adults have problems managing time, it’s perfectly understandable for children to have difficulty as well. However, when you find your child repeatedly putting off projects and postponing homework, you may have a problem in your hands. Frequent procrastination is usually a sign of a larger issue. If you suspect your child  struggling with a topic, or may have a learning disability, it’s imperative to talk to his teacher and a professional for assessment. You can then inform the tutor of these issues, ensuring your child forms a working relationship with him/her.

3.       Low Confidence

It’s natural for a child to be unsure when learning new concepts, but it is detrimental to a child’s growth when he’s told he isn’t smart enough to excel in school. If your child struggles to keep up, his reaction may be to run from the problem instead of asking help.
When your child seems to be stuck in a rut, positive reinforcement with the help of a tutor can work wonders. A tutor’s assistance can help your child build his confidence and become more self-assured in his skills.