Solve your Child’s Problem with Numbers—Get a Math Tutor!

Solve your Child’s Problem with Numbers—Get a Math Tutor!Kids often find math as one of the most difficult subjects to learn in school. Oftentimes, those struggling with math have problems with their lessons and neglect to do their homework or study in advance. To help improve your children’s math skills and learning experience, consider getting a math tutor in Mississauga to help them with their math. You can even start during the summer holidays. There are a number of summer tutor programs for math that help make learning the subject fun and easy for kids.

Here are a few things to consider when looking for the right math tutor for your kids.

Solve your Child’s Problem with Numbers—Get a Math Tutor!

Formal Education

Ask the math tutor about their education and experience with teaching math to kids. It’s important that he or she has a strong background in teaching and mathematics. Look for a math tutor in Mississauga with a formal education in math, preferably someone who has reached a certain level of formal education.

When looking for a math tutor for younger kids, go for someone who has at least finished high school. For older kids and teens, its best to hire someone that has a college degree or master’s degree on mathematics.

Training and Experience

Solve your Child’s Problem with Numbers—Get a Math Tutor!Helping kids learn math also requires good communication skills on the part of the tutor, as well as an ability to find the best way to teach the lesson that matches the child’s individual needs and capacity of learning.

Some background in teaching helps when it comes to teaching kids. Prospective tutors should ideally have specific experience in tutoring in math, as many tutors often only have experience in general education. Look for a tutor or even a summer tutor program with experience in handling kids for more than a few years. The bottom line, you want to get someone who’s capable and patient enough to take on the task of teaching kids math lessons.


Is the tutor center near where you live or work? How long will it take you to drive your kids to the tutor center and pick them up after? To minimize travel expenses and time wasted on the road, it’s ideal that a math tutor in Mississauga is just within your area. Go online and look for nearby tutors and learning centers in Mississauga, prioritizing those nearest to you. Although some centers may offer online classes, your child is better off learning in a traditional classroom setting. That way, he/she gets one on one interaction with the tutor. Learning centers also present an opportunity to meet other kids and make friends.


It would be ideal to get a tutor service or center with flexible schedules and availability. Most of the time, we have difficulties taking and picking up our kids to and from their activities because of our work schedules, especially when it comes to a summer tutor. Find a center that offers scheduled tutor times that can work with yours so it won’t be much of a hassle for you and your child. A typical math tutor in Mississauga may offer a whole day program, which means you can drop your kid off before you go to work and pick them up when you’re on your way home.

Student-Teacher Ratio

Solve your Child’s Problem with Numbers—Get a Math Tutor!There have been many studies on classroom size and its effects on a child’s learning and development. It’s important to choose a summer tutor or learning center with enough teachers to handle the number of enrolled students. Smaller class sizes are obviously more beneficial, especially when it comes to younger kids.

If you can, drop by the center and observe their classes. Are there enough teachers to handle the number of kids? For kids at the age of 6 to 10, an ideal ratio would be 1 teacher to 5 students. They can get enough time for one on one session when tutoring in math, and your child will get enough attention from the tutor.

Cost and Results

Consider how much summer tutor is going to cost. You’d want to invest in the best education and learning experience for your children, but not everything that’s costly is worth it. Some learning centers offer their services for a very high price, but can’t tutor their students properly. Before shelling out money for their services, make sure they’re a reliable learning center that can help your child with learning. Read reviews online or ask fellow parents if they’re familiar with the tutoring center and how the service is.

Tutoring in math during summer is not only beneficial for your kid’s math skills, it’s also a great way for them to develop socially. Summer classes let them interact with other kids and meet new people. It’s a productive way for them to spend their summer holiday and it helps with their development. Summer classes also offer supplementary learning for other subjects, such as English, science, arts, and language. Your child gets to lean the basic idea that learning is fun and that going to school isn’t a drag.

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