Math Games: Making Mathematics a Fun Learning Activity for Kids

Math Games: Making Mathematics a Fun Learning Activity for Kids

Solving mathematical problems can be fun, if the right approaches are used by all education stakeholders including policy formulators, school administrators, parents and teachers. The first challenge that needs to be overcome is changing the perception that kids or students have about Math while they are still young. One proven strategy is the use of math games for the classroom and kids at home. These games incorporate mathematical challenges with everyday fun activities.

Five interesting mathematic games that will help kids learn and refresh their Math skills.

Math Games: Making Mathematics a Fun Learning… by ICanedubrampton

1. The Number Hunt Game

The number hunt game is highly captivating if you have little kids. The game is created by sticking numbered foams onto the little garden label sticks. You can start with numbers; 1 to 10. Once the sticks are ready, hide them in different places around the garden and ask the kids, one by one to find them and then arrange them in the order of 1 to 10.

2. Counting Stones

This game is very fun for kids who like collecting things, especially natural objects such as pebbles. The games are very easy to create, since all you need are several pebbles and some paint. Paint one side of the pebbles with a basic image such as that of a ladybird or a ball; if you chose a ball, paint one ball on the first stone and two balls on the second stone, until you reach the last stone. On the other side of the pebbles, paint the numbers I to 10, depending on the number of pebbles you have. Play math games like this will help kids understand the value of numbers.

3. Math Tic Tac Toe

If your kids love to play math games, then this is a perfect game for them. This game is played using odd numbers such as 1, 3, 5, 7 and so on and even numbers such as 0,2,4, 6 and so on. The materials needed in this game is a pen and a piece of paper. This game is played by two players. To begin play, the children will take turns writing numbers; one child will write odd numbers while the other writes the even numbers. Each chosen number can only be used once. The first player to get 3 odd or even numbers in horizontal, vertical or diagonal row wins.

4. Geometric Shapes Math Game

Geometrical shapes are a great learning tool, especially if it involves some tricks. This is one of the most enjoyable math games for the classroom. The game will help kids learn using their senses. For this activity, you need a small bag and several building blocks. The blocks should be of different shapes and size such as cylinder, pyramid, rectangle and square. To begin play, all the children should describe the shapes using their own words. Ask the first child to place the shapes inside the bag. Then ask the child to close his or her eyes and pick a shape.

5. Online Maths Games

Math Games: Making Mathematics a Fun Learning Activity for KidsOnline maths games are great, if used as a reward for children who have completed their homework. One of the most popular sites for math games for the classroom is The games in this site include; Pumpkin Patch, Granny Prix and Cone Crazy among other games. Granny Prix is a game of granny racing using wheelchairs while Pumpkin Patch is a game where the player grows pumpkins by answering several multiplication problems. The scores in this game are determined by the number of happy customers you get. Players can set different difficulty levels depending on their gaming skills.

Learning like mathematics is a process that requires a targeted approach to ensure the needs of kids at every level of schooling are met. ICAN Education organization is at the forefront of formulating learning solutions to help kids appreciate and succeed in education. The program is run by a team of experienced teachers keen on promoting kids education in Canada.

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