ICan Education – How it all began

ICan Education is the brainchild of President & Director of Education- Umesh Palaniyappan and Director of Learning Umayal Veerappan. Umesh holds both a Bachelors of Engineering and post-graduate in Wireless Technology, he began working for Shiftech Inc. providing technology solutions to major Canadian financial institutions including BMO, CIBC and Manulife. Umesh launched ICAN Education Inc in March 2010, after studying the growth of the supplemental education market in Canada and using his entrepreneurial skills to launch a centre-based learning business for all sections of the community. Umayal After graduating with a Bachelor of Commerce in 2006 from Caveri College from India, Umayal became the Faculty Manager for Datamation Computer Consultants, helping to shape strategy and build a learning centre. In March 2010, she became director of ICAN Education Inc and has helped to establish seven key learning centres in the Greater Toronto Area and is the current Director of Learning.

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Umesh and Umayal both come from family who have been into educational business for 35 years and education has always been there interest and vision. Working with youngsters is their passion. Having studied the need for a proper structured education in Canada, they decided that opening a learning centre would be the best way they could help students’ achieve their potentials and go beyond and hence the motto achieve and go beyond.

ICan comes with educational programs from age 3. They provide comprehensive intervention and enrichment program, which addresses the capabilities such as reading, writing, problem solving, communicating, strategizing and organising. ICan offers 2 platforms iLearn@centre where the students come into the centre in an environment properly structured for teaching, learning, evaluating and reporting. The second platform is iLearn@home where educational service is provided at the comfort of their home. ICan’s iLearn@centre is the most popular program because of the structure and focused teaching it offers. ICan believes in specialised attention therefore has smaller class sizes. The teachers are an important building block for an educational institution and ICan takes pride in their teachers. ICan absolutely hire only certified teachers who have a great passion for motivating and educating a student. All their teachers follow the proven ICan Methodology to help students to achieve and go beyond their potential. Even the teacher’s benefit from their structured environment and teaching methodologies ICan Education franchised in 2012. Franchising enabled them to form a group of people who are working towards the enrichment of students.

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ICan is highly selective in choosing its franchisees. They should have the following prerequisites to be considered.

  • Passion for learning
  • Great leadership
  • Commitment
  • Oriented with the community

With this passion the ICan team has successfully expanded across GTA with 7 franchises. ICan has a vision to be a leading provider in supplementary education and tutoring service in North America. Here’s wishing Umesh, Umayal and the ICan family all the best for the upcoming years.

ICAN Education offers many different programs for students who are in need of tutoring and are one of the top companies to receive tutoring services from. For more information on how ICAN Education can help you and your child, call 289-752-7141.

Achieve and go beyond