5 Signs It’s Time To Get a Tutor For Your Child

Do you find yourself constantly reminding your kids to do their homework? Do your kids avoid studying? If so, don’t be alarmed. Most students have troubles staying motivated when it comes to completing homework and staying on track at school.

But if your kids are consistently not completing homework and their grades are slipping, then perhaps it’s time to seek outside help. Here are five signs it’s time to get a tutor for your child.

Slipping Grades

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If your child was a solid B math student and now has been slipping into the C-mark range for months without change, then this is the first sign your child needs a tutor. Slipping grades or low test scores is a sign of lack of interest and motivation to study. If your kids are consistently fail tests and assignments, with the help of an ICAN Education tutor, your child can get back to getting A’s and B’s.

Consistently Frustrated

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You need to listen to your kids for cues. If they’re consistently expressing frustration about a certain school subject for months and show lack of interest in studying in the subject, a tutor can help eliminate your child’s frustration by guiding them through homework assignments and giving practice tests.

Spending More Time on Homework but Still Fails Tests!

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If your child spends a lot of time completing homework on a specific school subject, yet, they still fail or get low grades, their frustration will grow. Getting a tutor can help balance your child’s homework efforts with good time management, while eliminating frustration, and getting their grades back up to A’s and B’s.

Lacks Motivation

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If your kids lack the motivation to complete their homework assignments, ICAN Education offers the iComplete Program for students from Grade 1- 8. Our professional tutors helps students develop an active approach to completing homework and, overall, we’ve seen an increase in learning skills and improved motivation when students receive tutoring at least twice a week.

Learning Disabilities

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Some kids might avoid doing homework not because they don’t want to learn, but they might have a learning disability their not aware of. There’s absolutely nothing to be ashamed of if your child has a learning disability such as ADHD, dyslexia, or visual processing problems.

As young students, many individuals learn differently, and part of being a student is discovering which learning methods are suitable for each person. The great news is at ICAN Education, we have tutors who are experienced in teaching students with learning disabilities. With some extra help from a tutor for a few hours a week, it can make a world of a difference in helping them master subjects and establish study habits that get them better grades.

Let ICAN Education Help Your Kids Get Better Grades!

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If your kids are struggling in a particular school subject or if their grades are slipping, ICAN Education offers flexible tutoring sessions for all grades.

Are you new to ICAN Education? To book a FREE Assessment, click here. After your child has completed the FREE assessment, we can discuss the best tutoring program suitable for them.

ICAN Education has several locations in the GTA West, Mississauga, Brampton, Milton, and Burlington. For more information about ICAN Education’s tutoring programs or to locate the closest location near you, click here.

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