Top Four Benefits Of Summer Tutoring For Your Kids

Summer has officially arrived, and it’s time for the kids to have fun and enjoy the sun! But did you know, research studies show that a lot of students forget 75% of what they have learned in the previous school year!

It’s called summer learning loss, the more popular term, is called summer slide. It’s when kids lose the majority of academic skills and knowledge over the course of July & August. The great news is that you can prevent summer learning loss from happening with your kids by checking out the top four benefits of enrolling your kids in ICAN Education’s summer tutoring program!

Prepare Your Kids For The Next Grade Level


The main benefit of enrolling your kids in ICAN Education’s summer tutoring program is they’ll stay ahead of the next school year! With just a few hours of tutoring during the weeks of July and August in Math, French, Science, or English, they’ll get familiar with their next grade-level school curriculum. Come September, they’ll be well-prepared and won’t get overwhelmed with all the new subjects. Talk about staying ahead of the race!

Retain What Was Learned in the Previous School Year

ICAN Education’s summer tutoring program allows your kids to practice what they learned in the previous year. If there were any concepts and questions they had about their previous subjects, then summer tutoring will help them grasp the ideas better. Think of it as a year-end review as summer tutoring reinforces what your child has learned in their past grade level.

Build Up Their Self-Confidence With New Skills

The best time to develop new skills is when kids are relaxed and having fun. ICAN Education’s summer tutoring helps kids build their self-confidence, by retaining the previous school year’s information and preparing for the next school year, they’ll learn so many new things about themselves and develop new skills that they can apply to the next school year’s curriculum.

Maintain a Routine

Summer tutoring isn’t like going to school on a full day basis, so you can still maintain your kid’s routine and choose between morning and afternoon tutoring sessions. Instead of having the kids stay at home and break out of their routine, when you enroll them at ICAN Education’s summer tutoring program, they’ll be able to adjust better when September rolls around.

Enroll Your Kids in ICAN Education’s Summer Tutoring Today!

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