The Kids Can Discover The Science Behind Static By Doing This STEM Activity!

In celebrating of Canada’s greatest achievements at the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea, here’s the forth and final installment of our 4-part series of “STEM Activities the Kids Can Do in the Wintertime.” With this fourth winter activity, it’ll explore what causes static to occur. The kids will stay busy indoors with this fun STEM activity for hours because it also acts like a magic trick!

Kids of all ages love this STEM activity because they can actually see magic appear before their eyes! In this final week of February, let the kids unravel the mystery behind static control in this STEM activity #4 Tinsel Magic!

Create Tinsel Magic

What You’ll Need

  • Balloons
  • Tinsel
  • Counter tops and tables with surfaces

How to Conduct  Tinsel Static

Every kid loves playing with tinsel!  This simple static electricity experiment is so much fun as kids get to throw tinsel around and not get in trouble for it!

Step 1

Blow up three to four balloons or many as the kids want.

Step 2

Cut the tinsel into different sizes and pieces and spread them all over on different table top and counter surfaces.

Step 3

Get the kids to rub the balloons on top of their heads to create enough static.

Step 4

After rubbing the balloons on top of their heads, get the kids to run the balloons over the tinsel placed on different surfaces.

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