Help The Kids Avoid Winter Burnout With ICAN Education!

Are the winter days making it hard for you to study? We all know that winter can be little bit gloomy and with shorter days and longer nights, staying alert and completing homework assignments can seem like a drag.

But no fear, since it’s a brand new year, you can start fresh and plan ahead. Follow these five study tips for students and you’ll avoid winter burn out!

Time Management

The best thing about the New Year is that you can plan ahead and time management is the key to pacing yourself  and avoiding winter burn out.

A Tip: Pull out a calendar or planner and with the kids pencil-in any after-school activities, family time, and upcoming events they will be taking part of. Try to pencil-in everything until the end of December 2017 and don’t forget to mark down March Break, upcoming PD Days, and the Summer Break.

Once you get an idea as to what the year will look like, you and the kids can discuss where you can pencil-in study periods and breaks in between. The point of time management is to balance study loads and not overwhelm the kids with long periods of studying. When scheduled carefully during the winter months, many students find that this improves motivation and concentration.

Get Plenty of Rest

February might be a shorter month, but we see a huge rise of winter burn out occurring with students near the end of February and early March, that’s why there’s March Break! Since winter days are shorter and there’s less sunshine, kids feel tired when they come home from school. So let them rest!

A Tip: Let the kids take a power nap after school for 10-20 minutes or let them go to bed 15-30 minutes earlier than their usual sleep time to avoid winter burn out.

Boost Vitamin-Intake

With shorter days and longer nights during the winter time, kids lose out on Vitamin-D and can experience reduced energy levels that can make them feel lethargic and uninterested in studying.

A Tip: By adding vitamin-rich foods such as oranges, cabbage, sweet potatoes, spinach, and carrots into their diet, it can stabilise their energy levels. Try giving multi-vitamins on top of eating vitamin-rich foods to give them an extra boost of antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins.

Reward Often With Winter Activities


During winter time,  it’s easy for students to feel unmotivated. After all, their usually indoors most of the time and being active can be limited. To boost their motivation and avoid winter burn out – reward them with winter activities!

A Tip: If the kids love staying warm indoors, after studying, reward them with some hot chocolate or something they love. For those who love being outdoors, before starting their homework, remind them once they’re done you can go skating or tobogganing.

Enroll in ICAN Education Tutoring

During the winter months, some students have a difficult time studying and completing assignments. If they simply do not respond to rewards and time management, enrolling them at ICAN Education for some tutoring sessions can help!

A Tip: If your kids aren’t motivated to finish homework, ICAN Education offers the iComplete Program for Grade 1- 8 students. Our homework support program helps students develop an active approach to getting homework done with one of our professional teachers.

Let ICAN Education Help Your Kids Avoid Winter Burn Out!

Your kids can avoid winter burn out by enrolling at ICAN Education for some tutoring sessions. New to ICAN Education? To book a FREE Assessment, click here. After we finish the assessment, we can discuss the best tutoring program for your kids.

ICAN Education has locations in the GTA West, Mississauga, Brampton, Milton, and Burlington. For more information about ICAN Education’s tutoring programs or to locate the closest location near you, click here.

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