Get The Kids To Discover Melting Magic By Doing This STEM Activity!

Winter is still going strong and we hope you’re staying warm! In celebration of the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea, here’s the third installment of our 4-part series of “STEM Activities the Kids Can Do in the Wintertime.” With our winter activity suggestions, you can keep the kids busy indoors with our cool STEM activities that are educational and fun!

The best part of these winter actitivities is that they’re so easy to do and kids from all ages absolutely love them because they learn so much in real time. This week let’s discover how long it really takes for ice to melt in our STEM activity #3 Melting Magic!

Make Melting Magic

What You’ll Need

  • 3 mason jars with lids
  • Water
  • Ice cubes
  • Snow from outside
  • A notepad
  • Pencils

How to Create Melting Magic

This is activity is fun during the winter time because it involves gathering real snow. The more snow is on the ground, the better the experiment!  Get the kids bundled up and ready to go outside to brave the cold!

Melting Magic Tip #1:  Here’s a cool variation to make it more competitive. Get the kids to write down their predictions on how long it will take the ice cubes and snow to melt. Whoever comes closest to their prediction, wins a cool prize!

Step 1

Fill the first jar with water and put on the lid.

Step 2

Fill the second jar with ice cubes and put on the lid.

Step 3

Go outside and fill up the third jar with snow and secure the lid.

Step 4

Go back inside and set the 3 jars in a safe place to see what happens as they melt.

Step 5

Get the kids to record their predictions on how long it will take the ice cubes and snow to melt.

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