Get a Better Report Card In The New Year With These Five Easy Tips!

Did you flunk your last report card? If so, you need to change things up. The New Year is coming and what no better time, then to set a new year’s resolution to get better grades.

Everyone gets bad grades from time to time, but do not make this into a habit! Studying might be challenging at times, but there are some creative ways to learn and apply them to getting better grades. After all, learning should be fun and all you need to do is apply these five easy tips to get a better report card!

Create a New Study Schedule


A new year means a brand new study schedule! Sounds like a good plan? Of course! Take a look at your current study schedule and change things up. If you usually study in the evenings, try studying in the mornings. If you study at home, try to study in the library.

Once you’ve devised a new study schedule, designate a time everyday to do homework and stick to it. Dedicating yourself to a new study schedule will make you feel more motivated to learn because you’ll be in different surroundings and studying at different times of the day.

Review Past Assignments

Why Homework Help Is So Important

Everyone likes to put away failing tests and quizzes and never look at them again. But the good news about looking at your failed assignments is you get to see where you went wrong. Reviewing your mistakes and looking back at what you didn’t understand a few months ago, can prevent those bad grades from resurfacing again in the next report card. Don’t make the same mistakes twice!

Go back and review previous chapters and tests, you can even go back to last year’s text books to refresh your memory. By reviewing what you don’t understand, it pulls you up to speed with your current subject matter and grade level.

Utilize Interactive Learning Tools

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Once you’re finished studying in a traditional format. Get interactive and learn through interactive media. On a tablet, do some interactive tests or do an online quiz. The sky’s the limit when it comes to utilizing interactive tools. You don’t even have to go online to learn, there are plenty of books, magazines, podcasts that encourage real-world learning.

Pace Yourself

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Don’t try to get studying all done at once. Pace yourself. In the beginning of the week, study at small increments first, and then build up more hours as the week progresses. Don’t overload your study schedule with a pile of work. Tackle things one by one throughout the week and you’ll notice it doesn’t pile up.

Enrol in Tutoring

Once you’ve gotten motivated with your new study schedule and if you still want to do better, then enrol in tutoring! You’d be surprised what a few hours a week can do with boosting your grades. At ICAN Education, we start tutoring students from JK to Grade 12 in English, Math, Science, and French.

If you’re having troubles with other subjects, just let us know in your assessment. The fun part of getting tutoring is all the attention is on you to focus on getting better grades and learning at your full capacity with the help of an ICAN Education tutor.

Let ICAN Education Help Your Kids Get a Better Report Card!

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