6 Ways to Teach Your Children the ABC’s

Our children’s education and ability to learn is extremely important. Many parents agree that when it comes to teaching their kids, it’s all about starting early. The first thing most children learn first is the ABCs. So how do you get your kid to learn the alphabet effectively? There are many things you can do to get them to not only learn their ABC’s but enjoy doing it at the same time.

6 Ways to Teach Your Children the ABC's

Create an Alphabet Book

Kids love to create things. Make an alphabet book with your child so that they can practice the sight of each letter. Not only is this a good way to teach them the alphabet, it’s a great way to get them involved. The alphabet book will allow your child to use it as a reference later down the line. You can purchase construction paper and art supplies from your local dollar store to help you create the perfect alphabet book.

Tackle the Alphabet throughout the Day

Implement the ABC game into your lifestyle. If you are taking a car ride, sing with your child. If you are cooking dinner and your child is in the kitchen, sing with your child. Learning the alphabet is more about repetition, the more you do it the easier it will become for them.

Create a memory game or purchase one.

Memory games are great ways to get your child to remember when it comes to abc learning for kids. The more they see the letters of the alphabet, the better they will recognize them. You can have your child match capital letters to lower case letters. Or you can match lowercase to lowercase. Once your child matches the letters, have your child tell you which letter it is.

Alphabet Cookies

6 Ways to Teach Your Children the ABC's

Kids love to eat, and kids love to bake. You can use baking as a way to get your child to learn their ABCs. You and your child can create a cookie for every single letter of the alphabet, and whenever they can identify a cookie, they can eat it! Not only is this an effective way to teach kids learning abc, it’s a fun way to keep their attention.

Sign up for a ABC Learning site

With the internet becoming the go to place when it comes to learning, signing your child up to an ABC learning site can be extremely beneficial. Not only will your child be learning how to identify letters, they will also be learning how to use a computer. Learning through online sites can help your child feel confident and independent when it comes to learning. Plus, parents will be offered an array of different learning techniques that can help kids learning abc effectively.

Letter Association Game

The letter association game is a game where you ask your child to touch something that starts with a particular letter. This game is not only teaching your child their letters, it is teaching them the sound that letters make. This learning technique is a great way to introduce your child to reading. Although it might be too soon, it is still a great way to show them just how important their alphabet is.

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