5 Creative Ways Kids Can Learn Math

Do your kids try to avoid learning math? If so, have no fear. Math is a world of numbers and a lot of students do not grasp how math relates to their lives. It is after all a school subject that deals with complex numbers and formulas that are hard to remember.

But learning math can be so much for kids, all you need to do is try these five creative ways and they’ll become math wizards overnight!

Make a Recipe

There’s a lot of math involved when making a recipe. When kids know they have to follow a recipe, it forces them think in accurate numbers in order to make their desired food. So put those math skills to test by helping them measure out all the ingredients, while putting everything in the bowl.

Play Bingo

Math bingo is a classic hit with kids because it combines a fun game with matching numbers. You can buy or print out math bingo cards online, but here’s a better idea. Get the kids to make their own math bingo cards out of construction paper and markers. This way it forces them to think about which numbers to write down on each bingo card. Tell them they can’t use the same number twice on one bingo card.

Play Sports

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Playing sports kills two birds with one stone because you get the kids off the couch and playing outdoors and by creating friendly competition, the kids will want to keep the score in their heads. It’s as easy as taking the kids out to the basketball court and having them keep track of the number of hoops they’ve scored. If basketball isn’t your thing, soccer and baseball can work just as well.

Outdoor Chalk Games

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Skip the pencil and paper and instead use outdoor chalk to solve math problems. It’s like playing hopscotch, use chalk and draw two large squares on your driveway or park pavement.

Divide the two large squares into smaller squares and write numbers in each box. Then you can ask, “What’s 5 + 5?” And they can choose the correct answer by simply stepping on the square that has 10 written on it.

Get a Cash Register

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Kids love learning math with a cash register. The best thing about getting a cash register is kids can pretend to buy whatever they want and they can even make up their own prices. They’ll love being able to punch in numbers and have to calculate how much they have pay and how much they owe. It’s a simple yet practical way to get them excited about learning math and it gives them real-world practice for when they will have to pay for things. This will teach them about money currencies and adding and subtraction of prices.

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