4 Steps to Prepare Your Kids for Successful Tutoring Sessions

Are you sending your kids for extra tutoring hours after school? If so, that’s a smart move for helping your kids succeed on subjects they might need some additional time to grasp. At ICan Education, we have Ontario Certified Teachers who motivate the students to reach for the stars and instil self-confidence. So, as a parent, how should you get your kids prepared for their tutoring hours at ICan Education? Here are 4 easy steps to follow before your drop your kids off at ICan Education that will  help improve their performance tenfold!

Step 1: Gather Their Homework Together

Home Work

Check to see your child has completed their homework before arriving at ICan Education. Review all worksheets and workbooks provided by your ICan Education centre. It’s important to refresh their memories and go over any major themes or topics on what the upcoming tutoring session is going to cover.

Step 2: Organize Their Materials

school supplies with parents


Before tutoring sessions, check to see that their backpacks contain plenty of paper, notebooks, pencils, erasers, and binders. From time to time, remember to periodically stock up on school supplies!

School supplies are a must, but please leave cell phones and game consoles at home. At ICan Education, we encourage parents not to pack toys, games, or anything that might distract your child during their tutoring session.

Also, make sure your child has packed their homework along with any important documents such as report cards, incomplete homework slips, and evaluation reports for their tutors. At ICan Education we also provide reference materials. Make sure to check if your child has packed them in their school bags.  If you have any questions on what your child should be bring to their tutoring sessions, please call the ICan Education location your child is enrolled in.

Step 3: Prepare a Snack 


Be sure to prepare a light snack for your child such as sandwiches, some cheese and crackers, fruits, or a smoothie with carrots. You don’t want your child to be starving during the tutoring sessions. Keep snacks healthy and stay away from fried foods or something really heavy like cheeseburgers and fries.

Heavy meals make students lethargic during tutoring hours, so let them have something light to keep their tummies full! When students are well-nourished, they’ll be far more ready to concentrate on material addressed during their ICan Education tutoring sessions.

Step 4: Arrive On Time

kids dropping off

After snack time, it’s time to get the kids to their tutoring session on time! Make sure your kids are dressed for the weather and also include an extra sweater in their school bags, if it’s a little chilly outside.

Finally, give yourself enough driving time to arrive at least 5 minutes earlier than the scheduled tutoring session. Drop them off at ICan Education, kiss them goodbye, and off they go to conquer the world!

How do you get your kids ready for their tutoring sessions? Let us know your after-school preparation tips by posting your comments below. We’d love to hear from you!

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