10 Easy Tips On How To Improve Your French

Are you looking for easy ways to on how to get better at French?

We all know having excellent skills in French can help advance your career opportunities and broaden your horizons. But when it comes to improving your skills in French, you probably have some ideas on what to do, but getting started is the hardest part.  But we’re here to help you on your way. Just follow these ten tips for learning French and you’ll be on your way to Paris in no time!

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1. Improve Your French by Reading Everyday

One of the first tips in French is reading in French. Pick up a French newspaper or magazine that you’re interested in and read an article every day. The more you become familiar with current events around the country, reading about them in French can help you figure out the main topics and learn new vocabulary just from the article itself.

2. How to Improve Your French Listening: Listen to a French Podcast or Music

There are endless amounts of podcasts in French that cater to your interests. If you like news or entertainment, they have podcasts online that are free to listen to and they’re quite short. If listening to a podcast isn’t your thing, listening to music in French is a fun way to improve your French. Listening to a few songs in French, can be useful as chorus lines and lyrics are often repeated a few times in a song and you can really pick up some new words and phrases.

3.  How to Improve Skills in French Translation

The trickiest part about French is conjugating verbs. Always practice conjugating verbs to improve skills in French translation because the more your conjugate verbs the easier it will be to translate them into English. It’ll be easier to translate French because you will be able to identify verbs easier.

4. Keep a French Journal

Writing your feelings and even daily activities such as eating breakfast and studying can be written in your very own French journal. The best time to write a journal entry is at the end of the day when you’re able to reflect on your day and write down what you did. Writing a few sentences to a paragraph in French every day that is personal and reflective will help you improve your French because you can relate to what you’ve written in your journal and remember what happened on that certain day when you look back it a few weeks down the road.

5. Learn One Word a Day

Improving your skills in French doesn’t mean you have to sit at a desk and read from a textbook. Make learning French easy by learning one word a day.

Simply open a French dictionary up and pick one word that you will focus on the whole day. Write down the word, pronounce it a few times, and write down some sentences using the word of the day. If it’s an object, try to find it in your house or at school and get practical and try to describe it in French. At the end of the week, you should have learned seven new words in French. Do a weekly review, by writing a paragraph or composition combining all the new words you learned that week.

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6. Talk with a French Chat Partner

Another effective way to improve your French is by talking with a French chat partner. There are many French chat and penpal clubs on social media that have French speaking people who are willing to chat with you in French on Skype or Facebook. What’s even better is some of them speak and understand English, so you can always chat with them in English if you don’t understand something, then go back to chatting in French. Not only is this a fun way to improve your skills in French, but you can make new friends from all over the world while you’re at it, too.

7. Get Flash Cards to Separate Gender and Vocabulary

Who said flash cards are only for kids? They’re not! Flashcards are helpful for everyone at every age. Not only are flashcards compact and easy to use, but they can help retain your memory when it comes to learning new words. Get French flashcards in vocabulary, nouns, and phrases and place them around the house or post them on actual objects. When you’re about to use an object such as a spoon or glass, look at the flashcard and repeat the word aloud and use it in a sentence.

8. Have a “French Movie Night”

Another way on how to get better at French is to watch a French TV show or movies in French. Try to avoid watching French movies with English subtitles, as you’ll get distracted by reading in English and not focusing on the spoken French. Instead, watch French movies with French subtitles, this option comes with the hearing impaired. Watching movies in French helps improve your French listening skills and retention of vocabulary because you can hear and see what the actors are talking about in the movie.

9. Change Your Technology Settings to French

Changing the language settings on your cell phone and tablet into French, is an effective way to expose yourself to the language as you’ll get used to navigating in French on your technological gadgets. Plus, it’ll remind you to practice your skills in French every day.

10. If French Problems Still Continue, Get a French Tutor at ICAN Education

If the nine previous tips in French still don’t help improve your French, consider getting a French tutor at ICAN Education. You’d be amazed at what talking to French tutor a few hours a week can do to help improve your skills in French. Getting tutored in French is a fun learning experience because you get to listen in French and even make presentations in French and have your French tutor help you along the way! All ICAN Education French teachers are certified and even some of them have lived in French speaking countries!

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