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tutoring in burlingtonEducation is one thing that parents prioritize whenever they look ahead to the future of their kids. We spend a quarter of our lives in school, studying and preparing for our future. So, a proper education is the best gift that you can give your children.

There is a potential problem however. Every person is unique, and has different learning curves as well as different ways of learning. The problem that schools have is the fact that they cater to a lot of students at once – each having their own pattern of learning, weaknesses and strengths. Because of this diversity, a teacher can only do so much in teaching the individual student, and is forced to focus on the class as a whole, which while understandable can leave some students behind.

That’s why tutoring programs exist. Parents who are looking for a properly trained, focused and goal-oriented teacher who offers tutoring in Burlington may have a hard time finding for one. That’s why there is ICAN Education, which offers tutoring services geared to helping your child as an individual, with lessons created and adjusted to suit his or her needs. The subjects offered by ICAN Education for their tutoring services in Burlington cover the essentials, English, Math, Science and even French, and also include advance learning.

ICAN’s tutoring services are available to all ages. From Kindergarten to grade 12, we have programs that will help your child start learning. Our strategy in achieving an effective tutoring program is based on the proper assessment of the student’s capabilities in learning and adapting to the lessons and the tutor. By assessing these factors, we can create a plan that focuses on improving weaknesses and maximizing strengths, while encouraging a fun, factual, learning experience.

We partner with the students themselves, believing they are not simply students who we teach, but partners in their education. By motivating them and discovering their learning skills, the student begin to really learn and look forward to their classes. They don’t just get tutored, they get a chance to grow and develop with ICAN’s tutoring. The variety of tutoring programs in Burlington, that you can enroll your kids in are subdivided into age groups. ICAN also offers classes for children with special needs.

Learning With ICAN Education in Burlington

The teachers we have at ICAN Education are all licensed and fully qualified, specializing in specific subjects to give the students a better learning experience.
We offer French tutorials for young kids, and English lessons for adults, with our ESL (English as a Second Language) available for people of all ages. We also have several branches located throughout the GTA so you can attend classes that are convenient to you. Aside from tutoring in Burlington, ICAN Education offering tutoring services in Brampton, Milton and Mississauga.

Call us now for more information about all the possible classes you and your children can attend. Visit our Burlington address at Unit 8, 1900 Walkers Line, Burlington Ontario. You can also call us at 905-332-8088 for more information on what ICan Education can do to help in guiding your kids to learning excellence.

Call now and assure your kids’ future.