Top Ten Reasons Why ICan Education Is The Best Teacher Tutoring Service in Toronto

Are you looking for the best teacher tutoring service in Toronto? With dozens of teacher tutoring services located in Toronto, it’s hard to choose the best tutoring service for your child. After all, each child learns differently and it’s quite a challenge to find a suitable teacher tutoring service in Toronto that will accommodate your child’s learning needs and schedule.

The good news is that the benefits of tutoring at ICAN Education can do wonders in your child’s academic performance! We’ve seen students who get extra learning help in Toronto do better on their tests, show improvement in their grades, develop positive study habits, and boost their overall confidence.

Students benefit from going to a teacher tutoring service in Toronto, as the effort it takes for each child to dedicate is only a few hours of tutoring a week! Still wondering how ICan Education’s teacher tutoring service in Toronto can help your kids gets better grades? Here are the top ten reasons why ICan Education is the best teacher tutoring service in Toronto for your kids.

1. ICAN Education Tutors Are Certified Teachers

A lot of parents want to know, what does a tutor do? At ICAN Education, our tutors are certified teachers in their respective subjects and a lot of them teach at private and public schools and some only teach classes at ICAN Education centres.

Our tutors are outgoing and attentive who help their students with homework questions, finishing assignments, and assisting them with exam and test preparation of all grades, with a high emphasis on high school students during exam time.

2. ICAN Education Tutors Assist in Learning Help

Since every child has different approaches to learning, for example, some students are visual learners, while others are verbal learners. At ICAN Education, not only do our tutors help your child complete their homework and assign class work, but they are able to distinguish what kind of learner your child is. Once this is established, the tutor caters to your child’s learning needs by giving them all the learning help they need.

3. ICAN Education Tutors Offers Structure in Customized Learning

Once a child has enrolled at ICAN Education in Toronto, every student is assigned their own individualized program and each ICan tutor reviews each individualized program to familiarize themselves with their new student’s learning challenges, current performance at school, and their strengths and areas that need improvement. An individualized program sets the foundation for our ICAN Education tutors to provide customized learning help for each of their students.

4. ICAN Education Tutors Give One-On-One Attention During Class Time

Unlike regular day schools that hold a large classroom size, ICAN Education in Toronto offers a choice of one-on-one tutoring classes or small group classes of up to three students. Having the ability to interact with the tutor more closely is one of the top benefits of tutoring.

With a small class size, we find that students can openly ask questions and get direct attention from their tutors. For students who are introverted and afraid to ask questions in big classroom groups, tutoring is the remedy because they are able to ask questions directly to their tutor without speaking in a big group.

5. ICAN Education Tutors Improves Overall Attitude Toward the Subject Area

Before tutoring, a lot of students detest the particular subject they are having troubles in; they avoid studying altogether because they simply aren’t interested in the subject area. But when students get learning help from ICAN Education’s teacher tutoring service in Toronto, the student benefits that we’ve witnessed is their overall attitude improves just after a few tutoring sessions because the tutor makes learning fun!

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6. ICAN Education Tutors Motivate Students To Learn

Along with improving the overall attitude of students towards specific subject areas, ICan Education tutors in Toronto are great motivators and challenge students to learn new topics in a fun and engaging manner. In small group classes of up to three students, tutors motivate students to work together on school work activities and even challenge students to compete with each other in fun learning exercises.

7.  ICAN Education Tutors Approach is Confidence Tutoring

When students come to ICAN Education in Toronto for learning help, not only are they motivated to learn, but their confidence improves in a short period of time. A lot of students enjoy tutoring because they know all the attention is focused on them and tutors are able to teach them in a way that makes them feel good about themselves after. We’ve witnessed students be happy and confident at the end of their tutoring sessions because they feel a sense of accomplishment (and no more homework)!

8. ICAN Education Tutors Prevents Summer Learning Loss

The benefits of tutoring can be seen in students who attend summer tutoring sessions. We find that students avoid summer learning loss by enrolling in a summer teacher tutoring service in Toronto. When students get summer learning help, they stay afloat on subjects and by September they are ready to tackle new subjects for back-to-school.

9. ICAN Education Tutors Helps Kids Excel in Standardized Tests

With IB testing and standardized tests becoming the norm in day schools, students are expected to participate in standardized testing. Standardized tests require extra preparation and practice and enrolling your kids at ICAN Education in Toronto to tackle standardized tests can improve your child’s overall performance and results.

10. ICAN Education Tutors Help Prepare Students for College & University

Many high school students preparing for college and university, love coming to ICAN Education in Toronto because they consider it confidence tutoring. Not only are they able to engage with their tutor on a one-on-one basis and ask as many questions as they want. But ICAN Education tutors can give them insight on what to expect during college and university entrance exams and that boosts their confidence in getting accepted. During ICAN Education tutoring sessions, high school students can do practice exams with the help of their ICan Education tutor and that helps them ease into their chosen field of study in college and university.

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