iAchieve (Grade 1-8)

iAchieve (Grade 1-8)

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Tutoring program from Grades 1 to 8

The iAchieve Program consists of tutoring for students in Grade 1-8 to help them accomplish their academic goals in English, Math, and Science based on the Ontario Curriculum.

At ICan Education, our tutors are Ontario Certified Teachers and are ready to help your child get straight A’s. So if your child requires tutoring in English, Math, or Science, the iAchieve Program is sure to help them out!


The iAchieve Program tutors students in English from grade 1-8 by concentrating in the following areas:

  • Identify and discuss the point of views presented in articles and stories
  • Contribute to group discussions
  • Expand vocabulary based on grade level
  • Choose reading materials appropriate for assignments
  • Draft, edit, and revise written assignments
  • Establish an active voice using correct parts of speech


ICan Education’s iAchieve Math Program from Grade 1-8 turns the study of numbers into fun logic exercises by focusing on the areas of:

  • Algebra
  • Data Management and Probability
  • Geometry
  • Numeracy with whole numbers and decimals
  • Measurement
  • Patterning
  • Spatial Sense


Students in Grade 1-8, enjoy the iAchieve Science Program because we get dig deep into scientific research and explore the following areas:

  • Energy and Matter
  • Life Systems
  • Earth, Space, and Solar Systems
  • Structure and Mechanisms

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