Adult Programs (18+ of age)

Adult Programs (18+ of age)

Adult students who take ESL (English as a Second Language) courses reap the benefits from ICan Education’s Adult Programs because our tutors are Ontario Certified Teachers who are passionate about teaching English.
At ICan Education, we believe that learning never ends when you graduate. So with ESL, we understand that each individual is on their own level of English, and we work together in tutoring sessions to improve your level of English to the next higher level.

If you’re looking to explore the world of computers and gaining the skills in Microsoft software, we also offer adult courses for those who would like to improve their computer fluency.

We make adult learning fun and we keep flexibility in mind because we know you are busy and you can work your ESL tutoring sessions around your schedule.


The Building English Fluency Program is for ESL students who have never studied English before, you learn to:

  • Answer to Yes/No questions
  • Compile words and phrases for daily living
  • Imitate and copy phrases and sentence patterns
  • Name letters and corresponding sounds
  • Use utility words in spoken language


The ICan Education Beginner ESL Program helps adult students achieve the following goals:

  • Gain confidence to initiate conversations with longer sentences
  • Respond to basic questions using simple sentences
  • Uses common English vocabulary for daily living
  • Write simple sentences with no spelling and grammatical errors


The ICan Education Intermediate ESL Program helps adult students improve fluency in the following areas:

  • Experiment with different sentences
  • Initiate and engage in conversations in English
  • Use subject specific vocabulary in context
  • Write a variety of written assignments independently


Adult students who are at the intermediate to upper-intermediate levels of English, can take it up a notch and become an Advanced ESL speaker by mastering their English skills in the following areas:

  • Confidence and competence with communicating with other fluent speakers
  • Use English in academic assignments and written texts
  • Fluently switch speaking between your first language and English
  • Understand figurative language


Having computer skills on how to operate different software’s is essential in today’s digital world. At ICan Education, our tutors have expert computer skills and teach adult students in the following areas:

Microsoft Windows

  • Exploring start menu
  • Creating new folders
  • Change screen savers
  • Copy files between devices
  • Finding files
  • Creating shortcuts
  • Learn Windows Explorer tool

Microsoft Word

This Microsoft Word course is suitable for complete beginners and provides the skills you need to understand all the features in Microsoft Word and how to apply them to various documents.

Microsoft Excel

This Microsoft Excel course is suitable for complete beginners and provides the skills you need to enter formulas, create charts, and maintain accounts using Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.

Microsoft PowerPoint

This Microsoft Excel course is for those who would like to learn how to make professional looking presentations for work and school purposes using PowerPoint.

Internet Usage

This Internet Usage course is for those who would like to become familiar with surfing the Internet and become accustomed to doing searches online. Students will learn:

  • How to use Search Engines to find relevant information
  • Open an email account
  • Open social media accounts
  • Create and send emails

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