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What we normally imagine a classroom to be is this: students sitting down while listening to one teacher for a full lesson in one room. There are about 20 to 30 students in a class. With this number of students and only one teacher, some students may not get the needed attention and guidance. Not all schools can afford a higher ratio of teacher to student. Students are expected to adapt to their situations and teachers are expected to carry out their lessons the whole school year. In some scenarios, students can lag behind especially in difficult subjects like Math. This is the reason why Math tutoring in Burlington is one of the most requested services from parents.

Math can be quite complicated and if a child does not have a great foundation with the basics of Math at an early age, he may not be able to grasp the more complex aspects of this subject. Math includes not only the basic applications and properties, it also includes measurement, Geometry, Algebra, Probability and many more that a child should be able to comprehend. ICAN Education can help your kids with Math tutoring in Burlington and other cities. Give your child a chance to appreciate and hopefully love the subject that has gotten such a bad reputation with youngsters. Your child does not need to fear Math as long as he or she is equipped with the proper guidance and instruction that ICAN Education can give. If you feel your child’s Math teacher in school is a bit lacking or incomprehensible for your kid, then come to ICAN Education. We will do our best to give you child the Math tutoring in Burlington that he deserves with teachers who can help boost your child’s number skills and eventually help increase in his grades.

Math Tutoring Burlington

Programs we offer

Our Math programs cater to all grade levels. Have a look at the different levels and the programs that we offer in our Math tutoring in Burlington:

  • Tutoring program for ages 3 to 6 – In this program, children are given a very good foundation in basic math skills like counting, shapes, numbers, graphs and patterns through a practical experiential way which they can relate to with everyday living. Each skill gets practiced in every session and the children are encouraged to develop mathematical thinking skills through questions and reasoning.
  • Tutoring program from Grades 1 to 8 – This program involves higher forms of thinking and understanding skills to give them more confidence in the application of math.
  • Tutoring program from grade 9 to 12 – This program helps the students with the necessary background knowledge to boost their Math skills and techniques for advanced subjects and principles in Math.
  • Homework Help – The most time-consuming part of a student’s academic life is doing homework. They are expected to complete their tasks even if it takes a longer time to do it. This program gives homework support to help students develop a better approach to dealing with homework. Specific help is given in most subjects including Mathematics.

ICAN Education has licensed teachers who specialize in different areas and are very capable to do Math tutoring in Burlington. We also offer tutorial services for other subjects. You can enroll your child in subjects such as Social Studies, English and Science. ICAN Education is located at Unit 8, 1900 Walkers Line, Burlington, Ontario. Visit us at our Burlington tutoring center and talk to our center director for a free assessment. You can also give us a call at 289-752-7141 to book an appointment. We also have other locations so you can choose the one nearest and most convenient for you. We are also located in Brampton, Mississauga and Milton.

Math can be fun and easy once you have tried it with us. Enroll your children now and help them go beyond their number capabilities. Call ICAN Education today!