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ICan Online Education Services

Starting at $49/month!

Every week you will receive a new concept video that introduces the student to that week’s topic and explanation.

The teacher via the video class will explain the key points for that
day and show the process of solving and retaining the information.

Through provided primary worksheets students will learn to apply the concept that is being conveyed for that class.

Practice worksheets (Homework) will also be provided to reinforce and evidence the student’s retention level.

We will also be providing you with concept solution sheets for
checking your self-reviews (most common answers).

We strongly suggest the student view the class video at least twice in advance of doing their after-class worksheets.

Progress Tracking: We record all live sessions and send them after class for review if needed via email.

Please note that the student and parent have the ability to review the video class, step by step and as many times as deemed needed.

iFlex Program (Grades 9-12)

Subjects include Math-Sciences-English-French

Program highlights: Assistance in general homework help (exam prep, essays, etc.)

A flexible and affordable solution to real-time learning, offering discounts through bulk credit packages.

Small class sizes (1-2 students) with same subject students.

Unique System: Economical, effective, and convenient.

If you would like to learn more and see some samples of the programs, fill out the form below and receive the information via email.

Once you have reviewed the email, you will be able to book a 1-on-1 meeting with our academic coordinator.

Please Note: You will need to submit a separate form for each child interested in our programs.

Frequently Asked Questions

More Content Comprehension:

Students take more time and focus using online content compared to the traditional classroom learning. Based on our experience we know that our students learn 3 times more material using the online learning sesions when employing our multimedia prompts. Virtual Learning also gives more flexibility as to the pace the student learns at while allowing them to move easily through the parts they are comfortable with and spend more time on the parts that they are not.

Power up retention rates:

Based on over a decade of our company’s experience in tutoring, we have found that our Virtual Learning system increases the students’ retention level by as much as 25%. Our system allows the student the ability of viewing and reviewing the program content anywhere, at anytime, which is both convenient and effective. More engagement with our content results in deeper retention levels that cannot be duplicated in a regular classroom using typical methods.

Achieving Higher Engagement:

Virtual Learning with a micro-learning program allows for higher engagement of the subject. Our preclass video engages the working memory capacity and attention spans of the student. Our teachers claim as much as a 50% higher engagement with our plan.This is a Learning System not just another class!

Most tutoring is administered through an in class program that has been done the same way for many years. Most programs offer a simple method of a teacher offering up the daily session followed by papered homework to ingrain or add to the student’s learning skills. This method does offer some help, however we have developed an actual Learning System that encompasses many new applications for student development. Each Subject has been predesigned with 

  1. A Preclass video that indicates in advance to the student, what the daily session will be covering ( Please see the Preclass video demo)
  1. An hour long live class where the teacher purposefully engages students to interact and collectively learn the Provincial curriculum based on a company generated schedule of learning ( Please see the Live session demo video)

Note:(As some student’s are shy or interverted this method brings out the best of the student through confidence of knowledge.) 

  1. A Postclass video which is a the daily class summary and details of what the teacher wants the student to complete in advance of the next session.

(See Postclass video Demo) Our system is a integrated method designed in steps. All our support video’s pre,live and post class are recorded and sent to you via email. All are replay ready for your viewing or reviewing convenicence. Your students class as well

Our ICan education Excel e-learning platform is a trusted learning platform that supports small groups of students (4-8 per class) from grades 1-8 with qualified, tested and trained tutors taxed to achieve your learning goals. We also support High school level Homework assistance classes. (see I-Flex program) Available for grades 9 through 12.

We specialize in all instances in Math- English- French- Science

Formative quizzes and summative assessments are done throughout the course. This will actively help you understand the progress of your child. We test regularly throught the program and send the results after corrections to you via email.

Tutors are hand selected each with extensive background in teaching. We train all of our teachers to administer the programs and hire on their ability to relate to students, their grasp of subject knowledge and experience are all considered when selecting our tutors.

  • Certified Ontario Teachers, Elementary and Secondary
  • Department Heads in high schools
  • Current Teacher’s College students
  • ECE, Primary and Junior Specialists
  • Over 2 years teaching experience
  • University TA for Math, Science, English and French
  • Professors at University (varied subjects)
  • Masters and Ph.D. graduates
  • Post Graduate Students completing Masters and Ph.D
  • Honours BA in Political Science and Economics

ICan Education elearning app is available through both apple store and play store for convenient access to the programs. We highly recommend the desktop or laptop to be used during virtual classes.

The homework is the reflection of the Classwork and therefore students would not take more than an hour or two to complete it independently. This work will then be submitted to our tutors for checking purposes in advance of next class. We then email you the results (if test) for transparency purposes.

Every student has an individual learning style. Chances are, not all students grasp a subject in the same way or share the same level of ability. Some might need more help in one area than another. Most High school demands are for day to day homework help or exams and assignments. Our Flex plan will allow you to take more classes when needed and reduce classes if there is no current need. This allows the student to have access on an On-Demand basis. Unique to our systems.

As referenced before, we have been operating brick and mortar classes in numerous franchised locations for over a decade and have taught thousands of students. We had a need in the last few years with covid of pivoting from the regular tutoring model. We spent countless hours and capital developing this online format, and then tested it extensively over the past 2 years. Our testimonials are available in the accompanying email.

If you are a student in our Excel program ( grades 1 to 8) who is enrolled in our learning system, we will send you the recording of the class so you can watch it to catch up. Also, if you need additional support our teachers are available offline to answer any questions to fill in any gap. Highschool Flex plan: You have an option to cancel class 48 hrs in advance and book into another class.

The program fee for our 12 weeks program is due upon registration . We offer both a full fee discounted upfront price or month to month options.

The pre and post class assistance is for our 12 week English and French programs. We are on course to start this system with our math classes this September 2023. Currently our math classes Grades 1-8 are working off the ‘can Ontario curriculm we use in our brick and mortar classes. These math classes are extensive in scope and offer testing as normal practice.

Once an assessment test is completed we will map an individualised learning for your child with various milestones. Each student takes about 12 weeks to complete a milestone .Therefore it is important to continue after completing each milestone to achieve academic success.

The assessment tests for grade 1 to 8 are set up to determine what level the student is ready to enter as of our English, French and Math programs. For example if a student successfully completes the test , then they are ready to begin with the materials of that program. If not we need to reevaluate with another assessment or recommend the class level the student should start at.

Yes, We have shorter programs during summer to develop the students to do the next grade curriculum work. Sadly many of our students (through no fault of their own) are scrambling to keep up in class. This is a painful experience that most keep to themselves, and is defeating for the learning curve. Summer assistance is critical to the students mental welfare and confidence levels.

We do the test after every 2-4 topics to check the ability of the student. Tests are emailed to your inbox to keep up with progress.

There is a $20 discount for the second subject on the program fees.This same discount applies for the second child as well.

Go to https://elearning.icaneducation.ca/

Enter your login information. Choose your course . There will be a live class button against the current week. Just click that to join the live class.

Developing good study habits sets a solid foundation for Highschool and University success. Not practicing time management and study skills are underlying problems for more than 70% of the students . At ICan we emphasise developing good study habits developing skills growth and a healthy mindset . We prepare them to take classes. This results in good grades and Good grades boost confidence.This keeps them interested in learning as they have mastered study skills.

At ICan our lessons are executed through a Unique System:

  • We set the learning objectives
  • Send video ahead of class to set their mindset
  • Give anticipatory set to activate student prior knowledge
  • Engage with the concept
  • Model the application
  • Give guided practice
  • Review to ensure the main ideas
  • Provide necessary resources
  • Reinforce proficiency using independent practice
  • Evaluate through summative assessments

It is not necessary for you to speak English for your child to be successful in the program. Our programs are designed for children to work on independently.

However ,Parents play an important role in ensuring their child’s success by

  • Encouraging and supporting their child’s efforts
  • Managing timelines
  • Helps their child develop a sense of responsibility
  • Reinforcing work ethic that will benefit child beyond the classroom
  • Taking attendance seriously
  • Reminding them be organised and most of all showing sincere interest in their childrens education

It’s easy to enrol your child in our program at ICan Education.You can sign up now online, or if you have any further questions, simply reach out and one of our representatives will assist you with any of your needs.

Step 1: Book a call with us online- or send us a note for futher questions.

Step 2: Register

Step 3: Complete the assessment test

Step 4: Discuss the your child’s program pathway

Step 5: Learn about your child’s class and schedule

Our History

ICan has been a leading force in the tutoring space for over a decade now and has taught thousands of students at all grade levels.  We specialize in online learning for Math, English and French Courses.  Because of the pandemic lockdown period we had to pivot very quickly. We sought to employ advanced technologies and systems in order to continue delivering the best in quality learning sessions. We are now pleased to offer our brand new services to you in affordably priced packages.

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