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Are your kids being homeschooled, and you need additional educational support? At ICAN Education, our iHome School Program operates from Monday to Thursday on a weekly basis and assists home schooled students by helping them improve their understanding in the following subjects: English, Math, Science, and Social Studies.




ICan Education’s iHome School Program assists Grade 1-6 students in:

Reading • Writing • Grammar • Mechanics • Oral Presentation



At ICAN Education’s iHome School Program, Grade 1-6 students improve their math skills by focusing on:

Number Sense & Numeration • Measurement • Geometry & Spatial Sense • Patterning & Algebra • Data Management & Probability



The iHome School Program at ICAN Education helps Grade 1-6 students engage in the following Science topics:

Life System • Structures & Mechanisms • Matter & Energy • Earth & Space Systems

Social Studies


ICan Education’s iHome School Program assists students from Grade 1-6, focus on Social Studies in the following topics:

Heritage • Identity • People & Environment


iHome School Benefits


iHome School Benefits


Dedicated and highly professional educators

ICAN Education’s iHome School Program consists of a team of certified teachers who provide educational support for Grade 1-6 students on an ongoing basis.

Small class size providing individualised attention

At ICAN Education, we understand how important it is for your child to have individualised attention to improve their learning skills. We offer small class sizes to allow our teachers to provide direct attention during your child’s session.

Individualised program targeting your child’s needs

ICAN Education believes that each student from Grade 1-6 learns differently from each other. In our iHome School Program, we understand that your child has been learning with a different method that you have chosen for them. Our goal is to work with you and create an Individualised Program based on what they have been learning at home, while providing educational support during your child’s sessions.

Strong network between teacher, parents & students

When your child is enrolled in the ICAN Education iHome School Program, we foster a strong network between your child and their teacher. Our Certified teachers are happy to build close relationships with your child and, yourself, as the parent.

Termly reporting to track your child’s progress

While your child is receiving educational support, ICAN Education’s iHome School Program tracks all of our students’ progress by recording them in termly reports. Once your child’s has fulfilled their learning targets, you will receive a termly report outlining each target completed and grade assigned to them by their teacher.

Schedule & Temrs





Holiday Schedule

At ICAN Education, we celebrate yearly holidays and public holidays, and we understand that you do too!

Our iHome School Program is designed to accommodate your child’s learning needs and flexibility is what we’re all about!

Your child will never miss out on Christmas break, birthdays, and public holidays. If there are some days your child cannot attend the iHome School Program for educational support, let us know, and we will incorporate the missed days into your child’s Individualised Program.



*Limited Spots Available


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