Grade 5 Tutoring


ICan Education tutors assist Grade 12 students with college and university English.



With the help of ICan Education tutoring, Grade 12 students pass college and university math with high marks.




Grade 12 students in the iLearn French Program become fluent bi-lingual speakers and can jet off to Paris for a summer vacation after they graduate!p>



Homework Help

ICan Education tutors teach Grade 12 students in the International Baccalaureate
(IB) and Advance Placement (AP) Programs in English, math, biology, physics, and chemistry.



Grade 12 is the last year of high school and the demands are up for students to pass with flying colours! Let one of our friendly and certified ICan Education tutors help your child succeed and get straight A’s at graduation!umn vc_column_container”>

University English tutoring

  • Apply critical creative thinking skills to everyday situations
  • Identify and analyze different biases and opinions from historical and contemporary genres
  • Communicate effectively for the intended audience
  • Use a variety of sources from audio-visuals aids to support oral presentations
  • Intended as a preparation course for those going to university or entering the work force

College English tutoring

  • Applying critical thinking skills to daily and academic life
  • Analyze a range of fiction and non-fiction texts from historical and contemporary genres
  • Evaluate and create oral and written assignments on different reading material
  • Make and explain inferences to support complex material
  • Intended as a preparation course for those going to college and entering the workplace

University Math tutoring

  • Properties of polynomial, logarithmic, rational, and trigonometric functions
  • Understand rates of change
  • Refine application of use of senior mathematical processes
  • Intended for students taking the Calculus and Vectors course, as a prerequisite for a university program, or to consolidate mathematics knowledge before going to university

iLearn French

ICan Education’s iLearn French Grade 4 program boosts your child’s confidence with all things French!

Math tutoring

  • Analyze data using statistical methods
  • Solve geometry and trigonometry problems
  • Solve financial problems related to budgets, annuities, budgets, and renting or owning a home
  • Intended for college programs in business, health sciences, and human services, and for certain skilled trades.

Biology Tutoring

  • Biochemistry
  • Metabolic processes
  • Molecular
  • Homeostasis
  • Population dynamics

Physics tutoring

  • Explore dynamics
  • Energy and momentum
  • Electric and magnetic fields
  • The wave of nature of light
  • Quantum mechanics and special relativity

iAm Determined (IEP)

Chemistry tutoring

  • Organic chemistry
  • Properties of matter
  • Changes in energy
  • Rates of reaction
  • Chemical systems
  • Electrochemistry

Homework help

iGo beyond

Grade 12 is the most important year in high school. Not only is

graduation on top of the list of achievements, but your kids

succeeded in the Advanced Placement (AP) and International

Baccalaureate Programs. So let Grade 12 be the year your child

gets expert tutoring from one of our certified ICan Education

English tutoring (IB program)


  • Gain an international view of world literature
  • Practice critical and analytical skills related to literary criticism
  • Practice strong written skills in a variety of essays

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