French Tutoring in Mississauga

The best and fun way for your child to make their studies fun is to learn something new and exciting, and one of those fun and exciting lessons is to learn a new language. Who do you go to if you want your child to learn to speak fluent French as quick as possible? ICAN Education is the name you can trust.

ICAN Education can offer you and your child the best French Tutoring in Mississauga. ICAN’s tutoring services are designed for children from the 1st grade up to the 8th grade.

It’s best to start at the first grade, since most professionals in the teaching industry recommend that you should let your child learn new stuff at an early an age as possible. If children are taught at their youth, they can learn anything at a very past pace. French is a good language to learn and it can give your child exposure to many opportunities in the future for his or her career. All of these French lessons are taught in a specialized manner through the ICAN Education program.

The French Programs that ICAN Education offers are designed to help a student speak and understand French easily. ICAN Education gives students services for French tutoring in Mississauga, but, before that, the students are first given a PAT or Progressive Assessment Test. This test will show the strengths and weaknesses of the student, and the program can then be devised accordingly so it can be strengthen those weaknesses through the language training. After mastering a level, the students can now move on to the next level, which is designed for reading and speaking French.

ICAN Education French Tutoring Programs:

  • French Immersion (Grade 1 to 8)
  • Extended French (Grade 4 to 8)

Three Components to Complete

There are three components students have to complete before they finish the end of the program. These are:

Oral Communication

Communication and socialization are basic skills that anybody needs to learn to interact with other people. Learning French can definitely be accelerated by making a child interact with other French-speaking individuals.

Skill in the French language can be advantageous for the student for his or her career. When offering French tutoring in Mississauga, ICAN Education’s programs also give the students a chance to present an oral presentation in French to further test their grasp of the language.


Aside from learning how to talk in French, writing it is also a must as a means to practice vocabulary. ICAN Education’s French tutoring in Mississauga can also train students in writing using the French language. All of the basic skills needed like grammar, spelling, sentence structure, and punctuation is taught by the best teachers. If the students master this skill, they can effectively express and communicate in French very easily through writing.


Writing cannot progress without reading, so reading French literature is also essential to complete the program. ICAN Education offersFrench tutoring in Mississauga and helps students to become fluent in reading French books, newspapers, and more. Learning this particular skill is quite difficult since it is a second language, but tutors will train the students properly and effectively so they can master the language slowly but surely. The program has different types of reading strategies to make sure the students can master the language through the written medium.