French Tutoring in Milton

Make Your Child Learn French With ICAN Education!

ICAN education offers French tutoring in Milton for students from grades 1 to 8. By letting your kids be engaged at a young age, they can learn the language at such a fast pace. This can result to your kids understanding and conversing in French. Your kids can be exposed to many opportunities that will give them an edge in their careers when they grow up. Start them young now and let them grow with skills in learning French more thoroughly later on in their life.

French Tutoring in Milton

Our French programs are arranged to make you understand and speak the language with basic fluency. With the ICAN Education French tutoring in Milton, we give you the Progressive Assessment Test to identify your strengths and weaknesses. This gives the students the chance to develop more and go on to the next level of proficiency so that they can do basic French skills like reading and speaking.


  • French immersion (Grade 1 to 8)
  • Extended French (Grade 4 to 8)

There are three expectations for French as a Second Language in these 2 programs. These three expectations correspond to the three main areas of language:

Oral Communication

ICAN emphasizes on helping the students in developing the necessary oral communication skills needed in interacting effectively with others and also, the ability to express themselves. At the end of the session, the students will prepare and give their oral presentations in French.


ICAN presents the students with a wide range of reading strategies in order to become fluent in reading French. This is particularly difficult if you are learning a second language. This program will focus on developing our students in becoming effective readers in French.


This program will emphasize on the basic skills that are related to the conventions and rules of the written language. This includes the different components like grammar, spelling, and punctuation, plus the other conventions of form, presentation and style. These are essential skills that a student must master if they want to produce writing that can be understood with precision and clarity. With these, the student can communicate his ideas very effectively.

Other Subjects

Students in these programs will have the chance to study their subjects in French. This program is specially made to accompany your child’s school curriculum in his other subjects like:

  • Math
  • Civics
  • Science

The programs of ICAN Education in French tutoring in Milton comprise all the basics that a student needs to excel in a new language. First, we make sure that each student will master the art of oral communication to give him the ability to express himself in French and respond in French. The next basic skill is learning how to read French text. Lastly, it is gaining writing skills in French and making the student capable of expressing himself through written text. The other subjects that are also tutored in French are Math, Social Studies (Civics) and Science. French tutoring in Milton is available for those who have absolutely no French background. This immersion program is also ideal for those who have basic French language skills already.

ICAN Education gives students the material to learn how to read and write with a French Tutor who will guide each student how to speak French properly with the correct grammar. You can visit our tutoring center at Unit 201, 330 Bronte St S, Milton, Ontario and talk to our center director for French tutoring in Milton and start your kids with enjoyable and memorable summer lessons in French. Call us now at 905-876-2151 and let us help your kids become fluent in French and have a language skill they won’t easily forget.