French Tutoring in Burlington

French Tutoring in Burlington

With ICAN Education, Your Child Can Learn French the Easy Way

ICAN Education gives French tutoring in Burlington for children in grades 1 to 8. At this early age, kids can learn a language at a surprisingly fast pace. They can learn, understand and converse in a language unknown to them, (or even in a language that they have a little background). Learning French is one of those skills that can give your kids the exposure to many opportunities when they grow up giving them an edge in their chosen careers. It is a good idea to start them young and let them learn French with ICAN Education.

Our French programs are designed to make students speak and understand the language with basic fluency. With ICAN Education’s French tutoring in Burlington, students are first given a Progressive Assessment Test to identify their strengths and weaknesses with language learning. This is important to for the students to develop more and move on to the next level reading and speaking French.

ICAN Education French Tutoring Programs:

  • French immersion (Grade 1 to 8)
  • Extended French (Grade 4 to 8)

There are three components in the program that ICAN Education expects the students to undergo and master at the end of the program.

Oral Communication

We stress the need to help students in developing good oral communication skills. This is necessary in interacting with others and expressing their thoughts and ideas through speaking in French. At the end of the program, we will give the students a chance to present an oral presentation in French.


ICAN Education gives the students a wide range of reading techniques for them to be fluent in reading French text. While we understand that learning a second language is difficult, we will focus on strategies that will make students become effective readers in French.