French Tutoring in Brampton

Learn French the ICAN Education Way!

French can be a difficult subject to tackle but rest assured the ICAN Education can make it easier for your children to understand and learn the French lessons in school.

While the students are still young, it is best for them to learn the language so it can be natural for them. Your children can be exposed to many experiences in the future and one of them might be about their careers. It is time for your children to experience one of the great languages of all time and that is French. Students from grades 1 to 8 can take advantage of ICAN Education’s French tutoring in Brampton.

The ICAN Education French programs are designed to make your children understand and speak the French language in an easy manner that will not stress them out and make them lose interest. ICAN Education offers French tutoring in Brampton for students who have trouble with the subject, or for those that simply want to learn more.

First, the tutor will give a Progressive Assessment Test to check the strengths and weaknesses of the student. By learning of these through the assessment, the students will get the chance to be trained to develop more and go to the next level of French language mastery. They can now start learning more French skills, particularly in reading and speaking.

French Tutoring Programs:

A student is expected to learn three parts of 2 programs for French tutelage. These programs are:

  •  French immersion (Grade 1 to 8)
  •  Extended French (Grade 4 to 8)

These are the three expectations that they need to master:


This area will let a student master the basics of writing French. A student will have to undertake French lessons in writing step by step in order to slowly master it until it becomes natural for him or her like their native language. All lessons will include the proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation used in French writing.

ICAN Education will offer French tutoring in Brampton for those parents who want their children to learn it as a second language. Learning a new language is not just about speaking, after all.

Oral Communication

With French Tutoring in Brampton, ICAN Education lets students develop their necessary oral communication skills in the French language. Training in oral communications is also necessary, and this is made possible by having the students interact with others in the class, as well as with French-speaking natives. It also makes it possible for them to acquire the ability to express themselves in French.

To gauge their learning, the students then need to give an oral presentation near the end of the tutoring.


Reading in French can also easily be mastered with ICAN Education’s French tutoring in Brampton. Since this is a difficult skill to master, ICAN Education gives more focus in this area in training its students. The program will allow the students to focus more on how to read the French words better. This will, in turn, allow them to easily master the other programs. Rest assured, the ICAN tutors take special care in this area.