Investments and Concepts

Investments and Concepts

We Partner with You

Decisions made by the ICAN Education corporate team always take into consideration the needs of both franchisees and customers. In that regard, franchisees participate in our research & development, provide direct feedback from customers to help us improve our programs and services, and always participate in marketing programs. As well, a portion of your advertising fees, are invested back into your centre and your territory. Every cent of this money goes back to directly helping you to build your business. In every way, we are partners.


Here’s some additional corporate information.

  • Year Founded: 2010
  • Franchising Since: 2012
  • Corporate Units: 2
  • Franchised Units: 3
  • Additional Franchise Units Sold + Under Development: 2
  • Franchise Fee: Between $25k and $45k (plus applicable taxes)
  • Monthly Royalty:7% of gross sales
  • Advertising Fee:* 2% of gross monthly sales
  • Typical Franchisee Investment:** $75K to $135K

*It is current company policy that all advertising fees be allocated and invested locally with each individual franchisee. **Numbers can vary depending on site location. In some cases, this number can be significantly less if the franchisee currently has an operation they wish to convert to an ICAN Education franchise.

ICAN Education Franchise Candidate Profile

Our group is interested in partnering with individuals or groups who possess a high level of integrity, entrepreneurial spirit and a strong work ethic. You may already own your own business. Perhaps you are a budding entrepreneur. Or maybe you are ready to move from the corporate world into being your own boss. Regardless of your walk in life, when you decide to join the ICAN Education team, you are becoming part of a family. And as part of our family, you can count on our dedicated efforts and support – every day of the week for as long as you choose to own an ICAN Education franchise. Here are the numbers and additional requirements in order to be considered for an ICAN Education franchise:

  • Net Worth: At least $300,000
  • Liquid Assets: Minimum of $75,000
  • Excellent personal/professional and financial references
  • Clear credit record and no criminal record
  • Passion for education and excellence

ICAN Education Franchise Support

ICAN Education provides complete support in all facets of your business. Let’s look at these individually.

In-Centre Training

Our in-centre training programs are comprehensive and cover every conceivable detail. At the beginning, you will receive up to two weeks of comprehensive classroom and in-centre education. This part of your training, like all of the training we do at ICAN Education, is exceptionally thorough. As well, you can expect regular and frequent interaction with the ICAN Education Executive team. And of course, our Operations Manual is always close at hand for instant and easy reference.

Real Estate

ICAN Education provides full real estate support to franchisees. We help to source and secure the best locations for our franchised locations and we handle all aspects of the construction process to provide a turnkey service to franchisees. And of course, ICAN Education’s strong partnership and impeccable history with contractors and suppliers allows for reliable service and fair, transparent pricing.

Operation Systems

ICAN Education offers access to a complete franchise management system to all franchisees. This system provides automated check points that give franchisees total control of their businesses. You will always know where you stand with your operation. No guess work, just easy, efficient and accurate.

Marketing and Sales Growth

ICAN Education marketing systems are custom-designed for each and every ICAN Education centre. We focus exclusively on local programs that are specifically oriented to your centre(s). These programs are inexpensive and formulated to give you the biggest “bang for the buck.” You will have the opportunity to work closely with our marketing group on a regular basis. And the ICAN Education marketing team will be right beside you every step of the way.

Financial and Legal

Our company provides carefully prepared financial and legal protocols and internal measurement systems to ensure you have all the information from your operation to make effective and timely decisions. They are easy to understand and efficient to follow. Even if this is the first time you have been in your own business, you will find our administrative systems simple and straightforward.

New Program and Service Development

Under the direction of our Director of Learning, ICAN Education is continually developing new programs, services and tools for your customers. As a company, ICAN Education works very diligently to stay abreast with the current trends and evolving world of education.