Four Easy Ways Students Can Learn How to Use BEDMAS

2 students learning using BEDMAS


You’re probably wondering what is Bedmas? Well, it’s a neat acronym that represents the Order of Operations in Algebra and it’s used to solve long math problems. Usually, Bedmas gets introduced in grade 6 and students continue to use bedmas in math all through high school. For students, it’s very important to understand how Bedmas works!

At first, looking at long math questions can get overwhelming, but we’re here to explain what exactly Bedmas is. Just follow these four tips on how to use Bedmas and your kids be solving long math questions within seconds.

1. Understand What Bedmas Stands For!

Remember to work from left to right as you use the Bedmas order of operations. Each letter stands for:

  • B – Brackets
  • E – Exponents
  • D – Division
  • M – Multiplication
  • A – Addition
  • S – Subtraction

There’s also the variation of another acronym called Pedmas used in UK English. Using Pedmas, the order of operations is the same; however, the P stands for parentheses. Another way to remember Pedmas is with this cool phrase “Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally.” In these acronyms, parentheses and brackets mean the same thing. Now that you can remember what Bedmas and Pedmas stands for, you’re ready to learn how to use Bedmas.

2. Practice Bedmas

Long math questions can get students confused as the typical left to right solving strategy doesn’t work. That’s what Bedmas is for! If you’re child has difficulty with solving long math questions, start them off by practicing with simple ones!

Let’s say your child is in grade 8 and they’re stomped on long math questions. Start off with Bedmas questions in grade 6 and once they start solving those math questions, move them up to grade 7 Bedmas questions and so on. Once your child starts getting the hang of Bedmas, it’ll make solving long math questions very easy.

Watch a video now on how to use Bedmas

3. Play Math Bedmas Games

There are tons of fun math Bedmas games that can be played online. Bedmas math games provide interactive and practical understanding of long math questions. Students can get tired of doing bedmas questions in textbooks.

When students practise Bedmas by playing interactive games, it makes learning the order of operations an enjoyable learning experience. Once they play Bedmas games, they will apply what they learned from the game to their textbook Bedmas questions and perform better on math tests.

4.  If Bedmas Math Problems Still Continue, Get a Math Tutor at ICan  Education

If the four previous tips still don’t help your child improve Bedmas, consider getting a math tutor at ICAN Education. Having an ICan Education math tutor teach your child how to use Bedmas in long math questions helps them understand how to divide each question by using Bedmas.

Also, math tutors are a whiz at giving practise questions right after explaining Bedmas and with that step-by-step instruction, children are more prone to solving long math questions better with the help of a tutor, compared to figuring them out at home without any help.

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