Foundation Programs

The Essential Educational Program For Students in JK - Grade 8

Foundation Programs

Do your kids need help in English, Math, and French? At ICAN Education, our Foundation Programs assists JK to Grade 8 students to gain the basic understanding and knowledge of core concepts from the following subjects: English, Math, and French.




ICan Education’s English Foundation Program assists JK – Grade 8 students in:

Editing • Grammar • Reading • Spelling



ICan Education’s Math Foundation Program assists JK – Grade 8 students in:

Numerical Problems • Strong Numerical Skills • Math Skills • Basic Knowledge in Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division



ICan Education’s French Foundation Program assists JK – Grade 8 students in:

Conjugation of Verbs • Grammar • Spelling


ICAN Education Foundation Program Benefits


ICAN Education Foundation Programs Benefits


Structured Program

ICAN Education’s Foundation Program is firmly structured in steps based on the chosen subject in English, Math, and French starting from JK – Grade 8. The goal is to have each student build a solid foundation and understanding of the basic principles of English, Math, and French. Each class is taught continuously from the start, then moves on to the next step. For example, in French students will first learn how to conjugate French verbs, and then move on to conjugation.

Builds a Solid Foundation

Each ICAN Education Foundation Program is structured to help students master one skill at a time in English, Math, and French. For example, in English students will start learning the alphabet. Once the alphabet has been mastered, students will move on to spelling. Once spelling has been mastered, students will move on to editing.

Flexible Schedule

The ICAN Education Foundation Program is offered on a yearly basis. Students can take advantage of the flexible schedule and study throughout the school year or study during the summer holidays or March Break. There is no fixed start or end date.

Homework Practice

In order for students to be able to master and retain information that is learned in-class, ICAN Education’s Foundation Program assigns homework practice to each student in their chosen subject. Homework is expected to be completed and brought to the next class for teachers to review and record that each student understands the subject.

Tracks Progress & Final term Reports

While your child is enrolled in ICAN Education’s Foundation Program, all progress is tracked by teachers who record their achievements on quizzes and homework in term reports. Regular reporting from teachers is done on weekly bases. Once your child has mastered their learning targets, parents receive a term report outlining each target fulfilled and a final grade assigned to them by their teacher.

Small Class Size

ICAN Education’s Foundation Programs is taught in a non-distracting classroom environment. That’s why our Foundation Program is limited to a small class size of up to 3 students maximum in each class. We also have 1-on-1 classes available for students who need full instruction from the teacher and need to concentrate on the main subject.


*Limited Spots Available


Starts at: $79

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