Ever hear the saying “Absence makes the heart grow fonder”? Well for students on March Break, the absence of not getting up every day and going to school, makes some kids actually miss sticking to their daily routine. But as we all know, the majority of kids don’t object to March Break. After all, the long dreary winter makes kids grumpy and sleepy, which affects learning greatly.

So March Break is like a week off for a sense of rejuvenation that kids can simply indulge in by having fun and relaxing. Still there are tons of benefits of having March Break that affects positive learning once the kids head back to school. So let’s explore the top five benefits of March Break on your kids when they return to school for the last leg of the semester!

A little R&R Goes a Long Way



Everyone needs a little rest and recuperation, and that totally goes for students. The main problem that students face is getting burnt out by the end of the semester. So that’s why March Break exists! For students, having the week off to relax and do things they enjoy, helps them recuperate and restore their energy. By the time March Break is over, they’ll be well-rested and eager to take on the last leg of the semester, head on!

Exploration Inspires Learning


The reason why March Break is stacked with activities and events all over the city is to encourage exploration and interactivity with kids. For example, the Ontario Science Centre and Toronto Zoo is buzzing with stuff to do during March Break because they want to make learning fun and get kids inspired. Kids who explore and are curious about animals, science, sports, and the arts from March Break events are more likely to be inspired when they return to school. They’ll have so many things to talk about when they see their classmates and teachers, that will surely inspire their learning process.

Kids Miss Their Friends & Teachers

Making Math Fun


The thing about March Break is that students start missing their school friends and classmates who they banter with on a daily basis. And if you’ve got students who like interacting with their teachers, they’ll definitely want to see them once the March Break has ended. Students who miss their teachers changes their outlook on learning. And once they return to school after March Break has ended, they’ll be more likely to engage in class with their favourite teacher in tow.

March Break Makes Kids Lives Exciting


Kids look forward to March Break every year because it’s a time for them to do fun activities, make new friends, and participate in some cool events. Creating excitement in kids lives helps them learn better because they’re happy and engaging in something they enjoy. But once all the fun has stopped, it’s time to head back to school and apply some of that excitement into learning at school and doing homework.

Active Bodies = Active Minds



For March Break, events and activities encourage kids and parents to get out and enjoy the fresh air and interact with other people. While some kids enjoy staying at home during March Break, playing video games and surfing the Web, these activities aren’t very active. Once kids have participated in an array of activities during March Break such as sports or martial arts their bodies have been active (and off the couch) and that keeps their minds active and ready to get back into school work.

So do you agree or disagree with the benefits of March Break on learning? Do you think March Break promotes interaction and socialization with kids? At ICan Education, we want to know how March Break has affected your kids learning at school. So feel free to leave your comments, suggestions, and questions. We’d love to hear from you.