We have answered a few questions that you may have regarding ICan Education.


What is ICan Education?

ICan Education is an after school learning program which enrich the students knowledge with better understanding of their curriculum. ICan Education assist students with their school portions and make them excel in their subject. This is achieved through the program designed specifically for your child.

What grades level and subjects does ICan Education cater to?

At ICan Education we help students from Jk to Grade 12 concentrating on English, Math, French, Science and Social Studies.

What other Educational program does ICan Education offer?

ICan Education offers EQAO, OSSLT, CCAT and SAT in addition to other course. We also give project guidance to students who wants help in finishing their project.

Does ICan Education support the school curriculum?

Yes, ICan Education curriculum aligns with the school curriculum. The materials designed by us complements and supplements the school curriculum. Thereby it does not confuse the students. ICan Education strives to strengthen their knowledge on the subject by teaching the same concept learned at school.

Who are the teachers at ICan Education?

Our teachers are trained across a broad range of areas that include curriculum content and behaviour management. They are also trained to motivate and inspire the child to go beyond their existing skills.

How does ICan Education help improve my child’s grade?

The material developed at ICan Education coincides with the school curriculum. It also gives ample practice for the students making them excel in their respective subjects. Low student teacher ratio ensures that the child gets more attention from teachers which improves the interaction between them to solve the existing issues.

Are assessment test given to every student?

Every student undergoes an assessment test which identifies the area of weakness and strength. Based on the test results, programs are individualized to cater the child’s specific need and thereby making the student excel in the subject.

How would I know about the child’s progress?

At ICan we conduct progress test every three months. This enables us to communicate the child’s understanding of the subject to the parents.

How about the class schedule?

Students attend ICan Education twice a week for a single subject. Each session will have duration of one hour.

Why is it necessary for the child to follow the time schedule?

Time schedule should be strictly adhered so that our teachers can specifically focus on the subject matter and give special attention to each student. This also creates a routine for the students.

What is ICan Education environment like?

The environment at ICan Education is spacious, clean and comfortable. Each student has an individual table and chair .The atmosphere in the class enhances the learning ability of the student.

How much does ICan Education cost?

Please contact your nearest centre for accurate details in regards with the pricing.

Does monthly fee per subject cover the materials provided to the child at ICan Education?

The monthly fees

  • includes the worksheets provided at the ICan Education and worksheets
  • provided for home work
  • includes the usage of tools for better understanding
  • includes feedback to the parents on progress test
When must the fees be paid?

The monthly fee for each month is to be paid on or before 1st of each month. In case of specific courses it has to be paid on the day of enrolment to the specific course.

How do I get started?

The process is easy. Choose your location and contact the center director to book an assessment test.

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