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The English language is a very diverse and very progressive language as it continues to evolve. New words, terms, acronyms, meanings continue to change. Each community speaks differently and today in Canada, migrants coming from abroad do not come to Canada speaking English as their first language. For most, English is there second language. Families may even have their own set of words and vocabulary that they use however to succeed in school, you must excel the way the curriculum in Canada wants you to. You may be surprised that as your child grows older, there may be things that are culturally right in your household but is far from being acceptable in the real world. That is why English tutoring is offered by ICAN Education. Using innovative means to teach and instruct your kids, we can help your children develop and master the language they need. If you are based in Brampton, Mississauga and Milton, then you can access our English tutoring centres.

With tutoring in Brampton, Burlington, Mississauga and Milton the English language this summer can prepare your child for the classes ahead so that they won’t get left behind. You will see an increase in your children’s grade as well. By freeing the mind of your kids to endless boundaries and limits, your child will be exposed to a new world of learning. ICAN Education has several offices around Brampton, Mississauga and Milton so you can find one which is convenient for you and your son or daughter.

ICAN Education is comprised of teachers who are not only licensed but is also experienced. You can also enroll your children in other subjects such as Mathematics, Social Studies, and Science. We cater to children of all levels and ages. Email us for any questions or inquiries and enroll now for English tutoring!

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