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ICan Makes it Happen

Step-by-Step Mastery through Structured Learning.

Embarking on a journey of English reading and writing mastery propels your child toward limitless opportunities.


At ICan Stoney Creek, elevate literacy: Identify letters, associate sounds, understand names, foster language growth, build reading & writing roots.

Word Families 

In ICan Stoney Creek, master word groups, blend reading, differentiate words, grasp meanings, create new sentences with acquired vocabulary.

Consonant Blends

Discover consonant blends, spell with precision, understand meanings, comprehend sentences, and create sentences to elevate language skills at ICan Stoney Creek.

Fluency of Reading 

Spot rhymes, amplify fluency, decode new words, showcase comprehension via expressive reading and precise written responses at ICan Stoney Creek.

Comprehension Readiness

Boost fluency, decode novel words, widen vocabulary, demonstrate comprehension in writing, and adeptly answer Wh-questions at ICan Stoney Creek.

Reading Strategies

At Stoney Creek, cultivate event sequencing, main idea spotting, detail differentiation, comprehension through text features, author purpose understanding, and information comparison.


Shape genuine experiences, highlight moments, enrich with details and dialogue, create vibrant descriptions, and polish through revision and editing at ICan Stoney Creek

Reading Strategies

ICan Stoney Creek learn to Recognize author’s purpose, enhance comprehension with text features, differentiate details, compare information, find main ideas, and sequence events.

Write Techniques

At ICan Stoney Creek, create structured paragraphs, enhance flow with transitions, infuse vivid imagery, develop characters, enrich plot elements, and craft engaging descriptive writing.

Literary Elements

At ICAN Stoney Creek, analyze, interpret data, evaluate evidence, draw logical conclusions, predict, differentiate fact from fiction, dissect cause and effect, and compose concise summaries.


At ICAN Stoney Creek, master writing purposes/structures, enhance critical thinking, communicate effectively, refine skills, learn persuasive techniques, recognize bias/persuasion, tailor writing for audiences.

What is the Difference Between ICan Method and Other Traditional tutoring?

Before the Class

Traditional Method

  • Feeling unsure about this week’s class topic.
  • Leads to the feeling of anxiety.
  • Motivation is absent or lacking.

ICan Method

  • Watch concept video, prepare before attending class.
  • Excitement for attending the class builds up.
  • Student’s confidence improves through learning experiences.

In the Classroom

Traditional Method

  • New topic without clear intro is confusing.
  • Limited time, no chance for questions.
  • Short time, struggling to grasp complexity.

ICan Method

  • Dedicate ample time for teacher-assisted question practice
  • Your child attains clear understanding of the topic.
  • Prepared for additional practice questions confidently.

After the Class

Traditional Method

  • Incomplete comprehension leads to demotivation.
  • Interest decreases, leading to waning enthusiasm.
  • Disliking the subject; finding it unappealing or boring.

ICan Method

  • Having confidence to tackle homework assignments effectively.
  • Your child can work alone without needing help.
  • Enjoying and having a positive attitude towards the subject.

About ICan Education

ICan Education is a nurturing community dedicated to academic success. We offer comprehensive tutoring programs for diverse needs, specializing in English, Math, Science, and French. From Junior Kindergarten to Grade 8, we provide Online learning near you. Our Stoney Creek team strives to help students excel, fostering skills and talents for holistic growth.

10+ Years of helping students

8000+ students use our system

Passionate teachers

Award-winning programs

Committing to ICAN: Growing Your Child’s Future, Today.

Check out some of our student success stories below

“I definitely recommend this tutoring service for your children. School is not enough. My children need to get better at homework and learning. They are helping us do that”

– Layewn Owen

“Very professional and always on time. I found the tutors very knowledgable about their subject matter and paid attention to what my child is learning. They take keen interest in ensuring my child understands the material. Found the owner reliable and willing to assist at all times.”

– K Mullings

“Love it! Program was well explained before I joined. There was no pressure to join the program. The management took the time to make sure we. Thank you for that.”

– Jessie Bray

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