English Tutoring in Mississauga

Let Your Child Master the English Language With ICAN Education!

Children may be fast learners, but they need good mentors as well. English tutoring in Mississauga can definitely improve your child’s vocabulary skills, helping him or her read better and write faster in English.

ICAN education offers English Tutoring in Mississauga for children from grades 1 to 8. After mastering the basics and gaining some advance skills, your children are sure to be able to understand and improve their communication skills better. This will definitely give them the advantage for a proper and fruitful global career in the future.

The English programs offered by ICAN Education are tailored to make your child understand and speak the language in a pace that’s tailored for their needs. Strengths and weaknesses are first determined through the Progressive Assessment Test that students have to take when they apply for ICAN Education’s English tutoring in Mississauga.

From these results, ICAN can then devise a tutoring system that will give a chance for the students to learn and master the English language in as quick a time as possible.

Mississauga English Tutoring Programs:

  •  English immersion (Grade 1 to 8)
  •  Extended English (Grade 4 to 8)

For a student to master these programs, there are 3 components to be expected from them. The ICAN Education expects these components to show some good results in the following fields.

Oral Education

ICAN Education gives great importance to assisting students through the road to mastering good oral communication skills in the English language. Interaction with other children and expressing what they are currently thinking is needed with proper English skills, which is why there is immersion sessions.

ICAN Education offers English tutoring in Mississauga so that students can have more confidence in their oral presentations and interactions with other people. At the end of the program, ICAN Education will give the students the chance to present an oral presentation in proper English to test their skills.


As reading is the best method that a person can achieve a good vocabulary in the English language, ICAN Education guides their students towards that goal by introducing them to reading strategies specially made to address this concern. English is a universal language, so it is easier to learn and reading is a good method for improving one’s understanding of the English language. The focus of this program is to make students more effective readers in English.


English tutoring in Mississauga offers to help students achieve excellent English writing skills through its writing tutorial classes. These subjects will discuss different components like grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Students are also taught the different conventions of form, presentation, and style.

Sentence structure is also introduced in order to help students make grammatically correct and sensible sentences. These are very important skills for a student to learn and master if they want to produce very good English writing.

ICAN Education offers only the best English writing lessons with easy to learn mechanics so a student can easily learn how to become a good writer in the English language. With these writing skills mastered, a student can easily communicate with other people with ease and confidence through written correspondence.