English Tutoring in Burlington

Speed Up Your English Proficiency with English Tutoring in Burlington

The diversity of the English languages is staggering! It is also progressive as the language has evolved. Each year, new words are added to the official compendium of English words, acronyms, terms, idioms, etc. Different communities speak differently and in Burlington, not all considers English as their first language. Generations of families may even have their own set of words that they normally use as their everyday vocabulary. But we have to stay current with the emerging times and if your children are not proficient in English, they may be behind in their school’s curriculum. This is why English tutoring in Burlington is being offered by ICAN Education.

English Tutoring in BurlingtonICAN Education uses the latest innovative means to teach your children and help them master the English language with the proficiency that they need. Residents of Burlington can access our English centers and sign up for English Tutorials at their convenient time and pace.

With English tutoring in Burlington, this summer can prepare your kids for the classes they need so they won’t get left behind. Slowly, you will see your child’s progress in class. Give their minds an endless amount of knowledge in learning the English language and make them get ahead with their peers in school.

Our Methods

Our methods start out with a comprehensive assessment that incorporates the specific curriculum expectations of the student. It assesses a student’s conceptual understanding and abilities in English. Then we create an individualized strategic plan to know a student’s strengths and weaknesses. We will then recommend a framework and a blueprint for the student’s progress. We then direct the student’s efforts to develop their potential for academic skills. Finally, we give an evaluation and review the individualized strategic plan.

ICAN Education has several centers for English tutoring in Burlington, Brampton and Mississauga. Find one that is convenient for you and your kids. Our teachers are licensed and experienced in handling all levels of English skills. You can also enroll your kids in other subjects like Social Studies, Science and Math. Our centers cater to all ages and all levels of English proficiency. Visit our Burlington tutorial center at Unit 8, 1900 Walkers Line, Burlington, Ontario. Or you can give us a call at 289-752-7141 to book your free assessment appointment. Call us now and get more information on how to enroll your kids in English tutoring in Burlington.