English Tutoring in Brampton

With ICAN Education, Your Child Can Learn English the Easy Way in Brampton

ICAN Education offers English tutoring in Brampton to your children between the years of 1st grade until 8th grade.

With ICAN, a child can learn the English language quickly and at a young age. The ICAN system takes advantage of curiosity, a big factor in a child’s journey to learning, understanding, and conversing using the English language.

English happens to be a universal language so it is in your interest and your child’s to learn and master the language. English mastery can also give a child a unique advantage when he or she grows up looking for a career anywhere in the world. Turn to ICAN Education for English tutoring in Brampton to get the best learning experience for your child.

ICAN Education has designed its English programs in a manner that makes its students easily learn, speak, understand, and improve their English language with basic fluency. A Progressive Assessment Test is first given to the students to check the strengths and weaknesses of the child’s English proficiency, a necessary step to gauge the child’s level of proficiency so the appropriate programs can be adjusted accordingly.

ICAN Education English Tutoring Programs:

These are the two English tutoring programs offered by ICAN:

  •  English immersion (Grade 1 to 8)
  •  Extended English (Grade 4 to 8)

ICAN Education offers three components in the program and expects the students to undergo and master these components at the end of the program.

Oral Communication

Interaction with other classmates and expressing oneself is what the ICAN Education program offers. It helps the students in developing the needed oral communication skills. It is important that the students can freely express themselves, and proper pronunciation of the English words can help build confidence. It is an advantage for the students who want good careers in the future. At the end of the sessions in English tutoring in Brampton, the student needs to prepare and give his or her oral presentations in English.


With the help of English Tutoring in Brampton, students can learn a wide range of reading strategies. Since it is a common language then this will not be that difficult to learn, but reading lessons can definitely help in improving their vocabulary. This program will help students learn how to read better and understand the materials that they are browsing. Along the way, it is hoped that a love for reading can be developed within the students as it can help develop their vocabulary and grammar in the long run.


This part of the program will let a student improve his or her skills in writing in English. Students will learn from the English Tutoring in Brampton the basics like grammar, spelling, and punctuation. In addition, students will also learn slowly the different advance parts of English literature. These skills are very important for a student to master. With proper tutelage in writing, a student can freely express and communicate properly and effectively through writing the great ideas they have in their minds.