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Technology is influencing the future and we are here to make children future ready! ICAN Education now offers coding classes for children age 7 and up! We train them with computer programming skills that lead to real world success.

Children get to learn the foundations of coding and computer basics using hands-on support from our certified tutors. The skills that come with computer programming help kids develop new ways of thinking and builds problem-solving techniques. Learning to code at an early age is a perfect start for your child. If exposed to technical concepts at a young age kids tend to develop skills a lot faster. Coding is not just limited to IT; it teaches logic, mathematics and how to solve problems using critical thinking. Regardless of whether or not a student has coded before each and every one starts from the beginning and goes all the way to the end of 26 learning levels.

Our small class size really helps bring out the creativity in every child. A child expands their creativity when they learn how to code. Help your kids learn to code with us, our coding concepts provide kids with a challenge as well as learning opportunities. As Steve Jobs said, “A computer is a bicycle for your mind,” computer programming is more about teaching children how to think! A child expands their creativity when they learn how to code. Coding is easy to pick up, it provides kids with the opportunity to be confident and create something in a fun and exciting way!

english tutoring - ican education

Coding is FUN; let’s look at some of Our Classes:


Teaching students to effectively use the keyboard while typing is quite important and that is where we began! We provide resources for kids to be able to type both accurately and in a timely manner. Developing good typing skill is the first step in the process and our approach to teaching typing is super simple. Our students will spend time both on and off keyboard doing a variety of exercises and activities that help them to remember where letters, numbers, and symbols are on the keyboard. The overall goal of this course is to help students achieve solid typing skills.


Learning a real computer language develops genuine skills. The Prime classes teach how to code in JavaScript. We like introducing students to programming with JavaScript because, globally, JavaScript is used to create over 95% of all websites. All our students work independently and together to complete projects. Our classes provide opportunities to engage in individual and in-group work, which is monitored by our professional tutors. Prime classes are designed for children and pre-teens to work on programming languages.


When it comes to coding there are different types of texts in programming. Alpha courses develop programming skills with Python to practise skills needed in Data Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Is your child interest in robotics? If your answer is yes, surely your child will benefit from our Alpha classes, as they are full of excitement and hands-on learning experience. Pre-teens and teens enjoy taking part in such classes because programming helps children learn how to have fun with math.

english tutoring - ican education

Coding is an Investment for your child’s future! Moreover, it is not just limited to the technology sector; indeed coding skills are in high demand! We prepare kids for high school and beyond with coding. Also, the transition to any coding language is relatively straightforward.

Once a child develops good programming skills their skills will prove useful across fields, regardless of what job they do! The best part of coding is that it comes in handy for different aspects of life and allows kids to express themselves creatively. Logical thinking is required for coding and it helps kids in discovering their lifelong passion and can be helpful for him to decide his future career. Moreover, children are encouraged to think outside of the box, which leads to improvement of the quality of life.

Our trained instructors provide the right guidance and instructions in a simple and fun way to teach computer programming. In our coding playground, children create projects to communicate ideas and express who they are. They engage in problem solving and storytelling and work on developing sequencing skills and algorithmic thinking.

Children build powerful ideas from computer science that are useful not only for future programmers and engineers but for everyone. It is our responsibility to introduce children to coding and computational thinking when they are young! Coding will open the doors of success for our young generation.

And, of course, coding is fun after all, so enrol your child today! Ask for a Sibling Discount!

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