A Riddle A Day Keeps The Frowns Away

Introduction : A Look Back On School As A Child

As I look back on the early schooling I had when I was younger, I can recall some fantastic memories and some memories that weren’t so great. Of course those not so great memories stemmed from the times I was in trouble. I can tell you all about the time I had forgotten my homework and had to stand along a fence as punishment. I could also tell you about the time I forged my moms signature and had to spend a few hours in detention. Although, I was in trouble quite a bit, the positive memories that I hold replay more vividly in my mind. Many of those memories stem from the fun times I had between classes, before and after class, and during recess.

Playground Popularity

When I was a kid, recess was the best part of my day. Actually, it was the best part of the majority of the kids days. That’s because it was a nice break in between schooling to have a little fun and unwind. Of course, kids are all different. They all have different ideas of fun. The playground was always so diverse during recess. There were the kids that played sports such as kickball. There were the kids that hung out on the monkey bars. Then, there were the kids like my friends and me. We wanted to spend our free time making each other laugh. We did this through telling kids jokes and riddles. Each day we would group together and try to tell the funniest joke or riddle that we could come up with! We were just being funny at the time but as it turns out we were creating memories.

An Ice Breaker

It’s hard for kids to make friends sometimes. Depending on the age group, certain kids can be judgmental and not accepting of new friends into their group. This is especially true when a new kid comes into a school. Funny riddles for kids are such a great icebreaker! They give a kid the chance to fit in. Once a kid tells a funny joke or a riddle, he or she has instantly lightened the mood. Kids love to laugh. Chances are, no matter what the riddles for kids are, they will laugh.

A Great Hobby

Kids sometimes struggle with a way to find themselves and for a way to spend their time. That’s why it’s important to sometimes have them think out of the box when it comes to finding something they enjoy. Telling jokes and making people laugh is a great past time for kids! Kids jokes and riddles are great for the family. Children are hilarious and witty. These jokes really help them further those great characteristics!

A Family EventA Riddle A Day Keeps The Frowns Away

A great way for a family to bond is by having everyone look up jokes and riddles and then share them with one another. It can be a funny and friendly little competition to see who can come up with the best one! Not only is this a great form of entertainment, riddles for kids helps sharpen their thinking skills. Riddles make kids think and this is great for brain development! Not just that, riddles and jokes simply make kids happy. What is more important than the smile or laugh of a child?


Whether at home or at school, funny riddles for kids are truly a positive past time, hobby, and form of entertainment. They don’t cost much, if anything. If kids are ever struggling in school they can also turn to ICAN Educaton. ICAN Education offers tutoring services for kids, should they ever need it. That’s because as fun and great as riddles and jokes are, education still comes first. Those interested can us at 289-752-7141 or check the phone number in the location nearest to you on this page.

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