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What You Can Do to Help Your Child Achieve at Each Stage of Development

What is Child Development? What is child development? Child development is that psychological, emotional, and physical changes that occur in humans between birth and the end of adulthood. Child development stages are unique for every child. Children do not progress through the same stage at the same rate. Child development stages may be influenced by …


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6 Ways to Teach Your Children the ABC’s

Our children’s education and ability to learn is extremely important. Many parents agree that when it comes to teaching their kids, it’s all about starting early. The first thing most children learn first is the ABCs. So how do you get your kid to learn the alphabet effectively? There are many things you can do …


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A Riddle A Day Keeps The Frowns Away

Introduction : A Look Back On School As A Child As I look back on the early schooling I had when I was younger, I can recall some fantastic memories and some memories that weren’t so great. Of course those not so great memories stemmed from the times I was in trouble. I can tell …